Cdfreaks? what about DVDfreaks, MEDIAfreaks?

Time for a change ? I mean look at (vcdhelp --> dvdrhelp --> videohelp), (dslreports --> broadbandreports). What do you all think ?

CDfreaks sounds cool and pure, DVDfreaks would be a bad choice in times when next generation media are coming up and MEDIAfreaks just sounds shitty :wink:
i wouldn’t like to see a change…

CD could always stand for something :wink:

well…my point was that when this site started CD’s were the thing but now thats pretty much passe… Not many people burn/use CDs anymore. That goes the same for the name of the site. I know it made sense back in the days and all but it just don’t seem to fit the site anymore.

i understand your point, but IMHO there’s no need to change to anything else; it would just confuse many people :wink:

The reputation is built with ‘CD Freaks’. If we would change our name with every new technology, it would be bad branding… is well known and I think we are recognised as a leading site on all optical storage technologies, as well as a wider array of products…

Indeed! I agree 100% :iagree:

That said, maybe CDfreaks can buy out the domains, & :wink:

that’s probably why he suggested it, he may own them and wants some cash

I think you should first see how many members are here…and then go check all those sites you mentioned…who got the larger member base…and oh yeah check how many posts are here as well… :rolleyes:

Recordingfreaks sounds better to me than Mediafreaks. :slight_smile: They are all too long anyway.

Well just a thought. I don’t post much but I do frequent the site and obviously its grown quite big since the early warez days. :wink: But hey I do understand the point about the brand…to each site their own. :slight_smile:

“cdfreaks” has become a well known brand. If a company changes brandname it takes quite a while to earn the reputation again.

yay, recording-and-playback-freaks :wink:
only recording isn’t THAT usefull :wink:

If you look in the ‘Acronym Game’ thread, there’s recently been a definition of ‘CDFREAKS’ :wink:

Anyway, to make an etymologically reductionist point, they’re all types of ‘Compact Discs’ really…

I’m for keeping the name.