CDFreaks website update

Today we’ve made an update to the website. As you may have seen quite some things changed the last couple of weeks.

[li]Less tabs and text in the header bar.
[/li][li]A signup link in the header bar
[/li][li]Threaded reactions in the news section
[/li][li]Communitymessages so you can see what’s happening on the website
[/li][li]Signup and login are completely rewritten.
[/li][li]Bug fixes for the login (for forum members on the frontpage)
[/li][li]Smaller overall website by new and compressed images, scripts and css
[/li][li]Search function in the hardware section
[/li][li]Redesign of the product pages in the hardware section
If you have a good idea to further improve the site or if you find a bug feel free to leave a message so we can see what we can do about it.

Well yesterday i did not have the loading blank pages in the forum but today it’s back again. Others here have the blank page loading problems also. Would like to see that fixed please.

Here is the link in case you have missed it >

Should we still report “guests” if we see them (Post or PM)?

[QUOTE=jeff53404;2141997]Should we still report “guests” if we see them (Post or PM)?[/QUOTE]

Yes please. Although we think we fixed the bug there could be a gab between de update and the people activation their account. So if you find any please let me know. (in this thread)

Looks much, much neater. Like the fact that there’s a Signup button now, nice job guys :slight_smile:

Guest >

another guest

both fixed,seems their signupdate was before our update.

Guest >

Today we’ve made a new update to the website. This is the list of the changes made to the website

[li]We’ve fixed the guest problem
[/li][li]New members will get a new reminder email when they signup but have not activated
[/li][li]When you login to the mainpage and do not have a mainpage account yet you can upgrade your forumprofile.
[/li][li]When you login on the main page you will be logged in for a year
[/li][li]You can now login from every page in the header.
[/li][li]Related content is now shown at the news items and further improved.
[/li][li]Bug fixes for signing up and login.
[/li][li]New support contact form, for questions and error reporting

And another new update!

[li]You can order your news reaction by date or by treeview
[/li][li]We’ve made some layout improvements on the signup page
[/li][li]Bugfixes on the signup page
[/li][li]Many code improvements related to de comment box, news and hardware section on the frontpage
[/li][li]We now reduced the download sizes of all css and javascript files some more then 60%, this should result in faster downloading and surfing the site

If you find a bug please report. If you have an idea to improve the site let me know.

I’ve noticed in the last couple days that even though i have my posts per page set to 25 (Forum Default) it doesn’t work anymore. I’ve seen posts go to 53 on the second page and should have stopped at 50 and started a new page 3.

hmmmm now it’s going the other way. I just made the 21st post in a thread and it took me to a new page. I’m still set to Forum Default 25 posts per page.

Is 20 posts per page the new forum default now? I could have swore 25 was the forum default…

I will ask someone to look into it.

Not sure if it has changed but you can change the number of posts displayed per page in Thread Display Options in your control panel here.

yeah i know that. Just lately i noticed my so called “forum default” is now 20 posts per page. If that’s the way it is then so be it. I just was wondering did it recently change to that.

I’m also using the forum default and it seems to be 20 posts per page now (where it was 25 before).

EDIT: Using CD Freaks v2.0 Style

k thank you Drage.

I guess i should also mention i’m using v1.0 Style

Should be fixed now!