I must say that I am glad I found this forum, for the past 2 weeks I have been reading posts here and have learned allot. There is a plethora of info here and I think I have only touch on the surface but the info I have been able to retain is great.
I am now a proud owner of a NEC 3520a and Aopen 1648/aap, I still have not made any backups of my DVDs but I will soon, I just want to make sure I will not burning coaster right off the bat.

Thanks again for having this forum open and for the posts and the help I have goten so far. :bow: :bow:


just the same reason i joined :iagree:


yep same here, just make sure you get the right media for your drive to start off with and you’ll be laughing (well thats the theory anyway :slight_smile: )


“…I just want to make sure I will not burning coaster right off the bat.”
try using dvd-rw @ 1st. then if things go badly, u can erase, start again


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You are certainly starting out with the right optical drives - and if you use good medias like Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell you should get great burns-

Happy Burnin’



I’ll second that. It will allow you to play with diffrent software, get your settings right, learn the process etc. without wasting disks. Again, make sure you get good rw’s (ricohjpnw11 are good and very comon).