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I just posted the article CDFreaks site updates.

We are happy to let you know you can now use multiple new features on

We’ve added an improved search option on the news section
We’ve updated the members...
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I’m trying to update my dab platium 4. Could you let me know how to do that?

To add products to your list do the following:

[li]Make sure you logged in or else register (see link in the top right corner) [/li][li]Go to the hardware section and search for one of the product you have or you would like to have [/li][li]On the product page search for the buttons “i have this product” or “i want this product” and click on it. [/li][/ul]
Now you have the product added to your members profile and you can easily stay updated about this product (or give your humble opinion :wink: )

Very nice to add haves and wannahaves :wink:


I think the karma system is interesting, even though I’m not in the top 100!

must post more, need some karma :slight_smile:

Also nice : you can also see which other users have the same product(s) as yourself. E.g. check my profile: , you can see 13 other users have the LG GBW-H20L I want :slight_smile:

Apparently I’m among the Top 5 CDFreaks addicts according to my Karma level. :doh:

LOL! you also have a lot of products :bow:

Yeah, just make sure you don’t post rubbish since it’s very easy to see all the posting someone has done

Yeah you got lots of products :wink: Definitely good for your karma, maybe not so good for the wallet though :bigsmile:

now you just have it black on white, but we all have known it before

KARMA, awesome! Now I can hook up the guys that help me out :slight_smile: Excited about the changes, keep it up!