Cdfreaks presents Toshiba SD-R5372 review

Cdfreaks presents Toshiba SD-R5372 review

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A dvd burner who can’t give good burn quality on most common media like verbatim/MCC, Ritek or CMC ! :Z

I can’t believe you published all that… :wink:
Nice on the review.

why do you say it’s the first burner to reach 5Xspeed for +R DL when the Plextor PX-716A can reach 6x on verbatim MCC04 ? (maybe 8x via firmware update ?)

When Toshiba SD-R5372 was released, it was the first DVD writer to write +R DL at 5x. Others were still on 4x. Now, e.g. Benq 1640 is able to write +R DL at 8x. Wes really knows what he is writing about. :slight_smile:

Wes is one of the knowledgeable ones, however, he does demonstrate a lack of keeping
track of native blankets, whilst on trips in foreign lands… (inside joke)

Good review!
Was hoping for better performance from Toshiba/Samsung…
Maybe another look, in the future, eh?

I think that Toshiba could really improve the DVD writing quality if they focused on tweaking the firmware for quality writing on the various types of DVD media.
Just look at the SONY 16x DVD+R burn, beautiful!
To me it appears that Toshiba is more interested in developing faster writing speeds such as 16x DVD-R, 6x DVD-RW, etc rather than improving the writing quality and improving media compatibility. Hopefully a newer firmware will make some suprise improvements!

There’s a newer model, SD-R5372V. It supports 6x dual layer writing for both +R and -R. I wonder if the drive reviewed could be upgraded to the “V” model.

i wonder where ppl get this drive
dun seem to find it anywhere. not in online stores also

someone’s selling brand new OEM units in a philippine online pc buy and sell site. the samsung drives are made here. costs about US $64 each but only comes with a two-month outright replacement warranty.

I am still skeptical whether or not that is actually a newer model.
Toshiba already announced in a press release that they will support DVD-R DL on the SD-R5372 via a future firmware update.
I will check with my contact to see if they know anything about this TU10 firmware.

it would be great if thats the case.

however, buffalo has been stagnant. not even a f.w upgrade for 6x dvd-rw/8x dvd+rw for TSST552A. i wonder why…perhaps the best is at the end? heee…just speculating n hoping

I got it at newegg and it is garbage.

it is not garbage. it is just fussy.

ur drive is the latest 5372V or 5372 only?

Toshiba SD-R5372 drives are heavily advertised and sold at Fry’s Electronic stores in the USA.

They can also be found rebranded as “Pacific Digital” DVD Burners. (who uses many different drive manufacturers)
Look for the 5X DVD+R DL specification on Pacific Digital boxes if you are trying to find the Toshiba).

i have this dvd burner, i keep getting a toc error has anyone experienced this and can help me?

TOC ( table of content ) error? never encounter b4
wanna elaborate ?

5372 only and it’s not fussy it freezes often.

The only good thing about this drive is that it rip DVD at a very fast speed.
Very very picky about the media. I just updated to the latest firmware and still can’t burn my 4X R+W disc at that speed (Sony and CompUSA brand) So far it will burn memorex at 4 times. I also own Pioneer DVR108 and that thing works like a charm. Burn my 8X taiyo Yuden, Stapples and Verbatim at 16X with no problem whatsoever. And I just read an article that Pioneer DVR109 with the latest firmware will burn X4 R+W at X8
I have nothing but good luck with Pioneer brand. My Standalone DVD player my Receiver my Laserdisc player (Yes, I still have it) are made by Pioneer and nothing ever gone wrong with them and I have them for almost 10 years.
I recommend my friend to buy DVR 109 and he absolutely love it. Now I gotta email him that he can burn his DVD+RW at X8

Does anyone know of the procedure to complete a firmware upgrade for this Toshiba model?? If its posted elewhere here can you please let me know the link,