CDFreaks presents: The Samsung SH-S183A Preview

CD Freaks Presents: The Samsung SH-S183A 18x SATA DVD Burner Preview.

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Great. SATA gets more background.


Hi :slight_smile:
Nice one. :clap: :bow: :iagree: :bigsmile: :cool:
1 drive that will never inspire, but rarely disappoint. :disagree:

I don’t really understand whats the difference between a CDFreaks Review and a Preview because both seem to be the same…

The only thing i miss is a comparsion of the Samsung’s scanning abilities with a more trusted drive (LiteOn), i think that would be interesting.

In overall this §review seems to be a bit pointless to me, because the drive is essentially the same as the S182D reviewed earlier. But i’m sure it’s pretty valuable for people who are looking for a SATA drive and dont want to browse the forums

Previews are not fully qualified because they lack one or two things, like DVD+/-R DL compatibility test with standalones, or CD-R/RW scans, and are usually shorter. :slight_smile:
At least it seems to be like that for a non-reviewer like me. :bigsmile:

This drive seems to be a -R hater :eek:

Does this drive also have the problems with the lead-in in relationship to dvd-r media? Afair the S182 had some problems, which seem to be not fixed yet, reported concerning this here in the forum?

Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

Yes, seems to be the same as 182D. But i use only +R media anyways :cool:

According to the posts in the Samsung section yes, the drive is also affected by the lead-in issue (a quite important thing to mention in a review :wink: ).

For a full review we usually test around 10 or each +R and -R. The same applies to CD-R/RW.

In a Preview, we also don’t do any advanced read/write tests etc etc.
I didn’t report the lead-in issue because my drive didn’t have this problem with the media tested.

Mine (S182D) neither, the few -R discs i burnt were perfectly readable in other drives and standalones, but when i look at the discs the lead-in is much larger. So i assume the issue is still present.
I think every piece suffers from this problem, but it depends on the other parts of the computer (like PSU, motherboard,…) whether it eventually results in unreadable discs or not…

[B]Additional test.[/B]
YUDEN000T02 (Verbatim)
Write speed 8x
Pic1 burn
Pic2 Transfer Rate Test
Pic3 KProbe scan
Pic4 CD-Speed scan

[B]Additional test[/B].
Prodisc R03 (Datawrite)
Write speed 8x

Pic1 Transfer Rate Test
Pic2 KProbe scan
Pic3 CD-Speed scan

Is this DVD burner good?
I am thinking about buying a new one and someone recommended me this drive.

Have you read the review??

Thanks for another excellent preview/review Dee :flower: The Verbatim
+R scan was particularly impressive. I wonder where the disc
was made? I get reasonably good results with MCC004, but
never as good as yours.

They are MIT. :slight_smile:

Thanks! They are much better than my MIT (PAPAxxxx)

A bit of suprise.
DVD’s that are in my opinion bad, give not so bad results.
Better than MCC 004 recently.

Write speed 16x

PS I cannot get CD-DVD Speed to work, any ideas?

Look here. :slight_smile:

[B]Yes - I too would be very interested in a review of Samsung SH S183A SATA.[/B]

My old Samsung Combo died and am trying to decided what brand to buy. I registered an enquiry in newbies but have not had definitive info.

  • If any body has read a genuine , detailed review on
    review on S183A please give link.

  • Anybody who has been using this model for awhile
    please give candid comment on pros & cons -
    especially on reliability and quality of -R & RW CD

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Is this not enough?