CDFreaks Presents: The Plextor PX-760A DVD Burner Review

In addition:

Plextor PX-504A - NEC ND-1100A
Plextor PX-605A - Matshita SW-9573

Thanks guys. It was the 740 and 750 I was thinking about (I think). I know about the 708, 712, 716’s. I have 2, 712’s.
Thanks Mike

nice review Dee, thanks.

Do you think they will fix this with a firmware update or is this hardware specific? I am new to learning all of this and was just curious. I was always under the impression that plextor was the best when it came to copying and ripping things. ( I know that is opinion but have had really good results in the past) It surprised me in this review that he was a no sheeper.

The test in the review states the drive must be able to copy protected discs without using software tricks. Just use Plextools and it will copy even Safedisc 3.

:confused: Could you explain that “use Plextools and it will copy even SD3” please :o

Yes I would like to know as well. I am deciding on which drive to purchase and that would be a big determining factor for me.

Nice review :bow:

It seems a “solid” burner… :smiley:

Just one question, about Overburning, what is max. out limits of this unity?

I had the idea, that it couldn`t be done… :confused:


I just found a cdfreaks LG 4163B writing time in here: :

which shows that the PX-760 is far from being the fastest drive :slight_smile:

Not to dirty the thread but I can verify this as well from my own tests.

The numbers game is pointless as one drive uses CAV to write a disc and the other P-CAV.

But as other people are posting numbers i might as well post them.

Plextor seems to think the review is good as they have taken the trouble to send out a press release.

Once again, congratulations cdfreaks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your 5:18 writing time with PlexTools, isn’t that just a Write Simulation?

A real burn takes longer, because lead-in and lead-out is performed, and with Nero CD-DVD Speed, the time to recognize the disc after it has been burned is also included.

you can do a real write test with plextools by unchecking “simulate” in prefs. it takes into account lead-in/out and even includes the tray cycling (step taken to finalize the disc) in burn time.

Yes I know, but the low burning time in Bunny’s post makes me think that it is only a simulation and therefore the time cannot be compared to a real burn including disc recognition time. I might be wrong, however, as I don’t have a PX-760 myself.

EDIT: And in fact I was wrong - see next post!

The write was a real one.
Below is a simulated test for comparison.

I don’t think there would be as many laser recalibration points if it was a simulation.

<EDIT> Bunny’s post just above mine points out what I was saying.

Do PlexTools take the same time as Nero? I mean, it could for example stop before or after re-initializing the disc after finalizing it.

Could you use the same disc in Nero CD-DVD Speed and check if it’s still 5:18?

5:18mins is very fast, Bunny!! :wink:

Since we’re on it, did I hear someone says 5:15 mins? :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean by “tweak the lead-in/out a few seconds”?
Did you modify the firmware?