CDFreaks Presents: The Plextor PX-760A DVD Burner Review

CDFreaks Presents the Plextor PX-760A Review

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Excellent review! :clap:

Nice review. Interesting results. Thanks!

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Thanks Dee. :clap: :iagree: :bigsmile: :cool:

Excellent review.:clap: Thanks Dee-27.

Thank you for a very informative review of my drive! and which I feel is spot on with its conclusions good and bad

You had to not include the LG 4163B in your recording time list to make the PX-760A look like the fastest drive, right? :eek:

Oh dear, oh dear :rolleyes: Everyone take cover, there is a new war on seconds coming :wink:

But the list is wrong anyway. It quotes the 760 as 5:40 for 18x +R while the review itself quotes a bit further down 5:34 time for +R 16x Verbatims. similarly the list says 5:46 for -R while the review further down states 5m:41s for -R Yudens @18x. :doh:

BTW if we limit it to the CDFreaks reviews then AFAICS the 760 is the fastest +R and the 4163 the fastest -R drive …

:wink: Just to keep a sense of proportion: The PX-712A writes the disk in 6 minutes and 21 seconds at 12x according to
Sure, that is dead slow compared to the revolutionary new 18x burn :wink:

I really wouldn’t spend any money on a new burner, were it not for double layer burning ability.

May the war continue…


Very nice review, thanks Dee! :slight_smile:

Plextor must be on the leading edge - they have made the first drive I have seen in a long long time (in fact I can’t think of any other) that is a “no sheep” CD-R burner. :rolleyes:

I wonder if that is some kind of misunderstood attempt to prevent “piracy”?

In the DVD-R Overburning chapter, you have made a typo by calling MCC 03RG20 “DVD+R” media instead of DVD-R.

Nope, i haven’t included LG 4163 figures in any of my reviews this year, and i wasn’t going to add a set of results to make the drive under review appear slower either. :wink:

The first set of figures were obtained by burning the disc’s with CD-Speed. The 2nd set of times were obtained by burning discs with Nero Burning Rom.

Thanks Dee! :flower:

Did someone break my fastest record? :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that because of the P-CAV, I think the LG is the only drive that does 16X in P-CAV.

Thanks for the clarification (and the proof that numbers mean nothing if you don’t know how they where established) :cool:

In this test we will measure the time for writing to DVD±R discs. We used Nero Burning Rom to burn an ISO compilation containing 4480MB of data. We used the Disc-At-Once write method.

For these DVD writing tests, the Plextor PX-760A was set to the following.

· PoweRec on
· Auto Strategy on
· All media had been stored in the Auto Strategy database prior to writing the disc.

Nice spot regarding the MCC03RG20 and thanks, fixed now.

Is that because of the P-CAV, I think the LG is the only drive that does 16X in P-CAV.
Yes, and because the LG 4163B doesn’t stop often for laser recalibration. It just burns “straight on” (leading to crappy results on bad media, but it works pretty good on good media)

Is this a lite-on rebadged?
Thanks Mike

No, it is Plex genuine.

The last few were lite-ons right?
I was fairly sure of that.
Thanks Mike

The Plextor PX-740 was a rebadged BenQ DW1640.

The Plextor PX-750 was a rebadged TEAC DV-W516E like the BenQ DQ60.

The PX-708, PX-712, PX-716, PX-755 and PX-760 are genuine Plextors.