CDFreaks Presents: The Plextor PX-750A DVD Burner Review

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Is this drive made by BenQ as well? It looks it (Teac made DQ60). If it is, is there some reason I could find no mention in the review?

I guess the review had again to be ‘approved’ by plextor? haha

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The drive is indeed based on a teac drive. There is no reason not to mention this in the review other than the drive has a Plextor badge and firmware, and believe should be treated as such.

We do not require Plextor approval or any other manufacturers approval to publish a review.

Thanks for the clarification. I see your point, you don’t want to offend manufacturers. I just consider such information to be essential. Fortunately, it is available in the forum.


The 755A preview had to be approved by Plextor! It is clearly stated.

We do not require Plextor approval or any other manufacturers approval to publish a review.
You say that I have misread this?

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I find this interesting as the chipset is Teac then at best limited functions with Plextools. The very reason some might invest in Plextor.
Also in many other reviews the chipset used is quite often mentioned, as it can have a bearing on the features a drive can support (Not just now but in the future by way of ‘upgrades’). No need to name them but the list includes ‘major’ manufacturers.

Since you left out the response to your question, i’d say yes.

The review clearly states on page 1, that the PX-750 has limited Plextools functionality.
The chipset is actually Panasonic MN103SA6GSJ, and not made by Teac.

Reviewers note:
Although PlexTools Professional can be installed and used with the PX-750A. Most CD-R and DVD media diagnostic functions, such as PI/PIF scanning will not work with the PX-750A

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I fully appreciate your review & had noticed the reference to limited functions on page 1. However my point re whether chipset is relevant, is I feel one worthy of note.(I assumed that this is why they’re included in many reviews). The chipset used in the 750 means that this limitation re: functions is unlikely to change.(f/w updates in the past also don’t appear with the same fervour, not that Plextor is particularly active in this aspect). Also although it has as yet, not materialised. The fact that chipsets used in some Plextor models could at some point support RAM, could be of interest to some.(It could have indications where Plextors future policy might lie in this aspect).

Thanks for yet one great review Dee-27. :clap:

The chipset is actually Panasonic MN103SA5GSJ, and not made by Teac.
I think that has been known for a while (pic + detail) for most of us… :wink:
pics from

Great review Dee-27 as always.:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Dee. Excellent review! :slight_smile:

Nice as always! :slight_smile:
Thanks Dee.

Excellent review.

And finally acceptable results with Pana chipsets, hehe.

Just wanted to say thanks to DEE and Others that do the reviews here. As a new member here i find these reviews informative and know that each review takes up alot of the reviewers time. I have found out it takes countless hours just too do scans of my own personal backups let alone to do reviews of a broad scope of media. To someone new to the world of dvd and cd media quality these reviews and this forum are a plethora of knowledge.

Thanks for the Review Dee !!!
Thanks for the Forums for other details, such as, ReBadged BenQ, manufactured by BenQ for Teac… Reading the reviews on the BenQ Forum on the “60”, I would never buy one…

I might be a little slow…but do I unstand that the Plex 750 is a rebadged drive (teach THIS time)?? On one handl, based on feedback I’ve read her and elsewhere, the PX-716 was more or less a disaster…in that a large number of drives stopped functioning after a small number of hours…I had 2x 716s that ceased to function after only 20-40 burns…this is (for me) really (soryy) crappy quality…I’ve owned, and paid more for a load of Plextor drives, a range of CD-RWs (likely 15 plus drives) and also a 708, 712, and then the 3x 716…until the 716’s, all drives worked and still work wonderfully…then, along comes the 740 (Bena) and now the 750 (teac ??).

Now I wonder was the 716 a “rebadge”??? Have we all “lost the reason” to pay extra money to buy Plextor…only to find that only the name is Plextor???

And, while the 750 was a nice review, when I read that Plextor has only 4o-50 employees it s very clear they can never be a manuafcturer? Does this mean…for years???,that a 3rd party company was actually doing the producing…and maybe more… This is (for a CDFREAKS readerr/member) rather important information…don’t you think???