CDFreaks Presents: The Pioneer DVR-111 Review

CDFreaks Presents the Pioneer DVR-111 DVD Burner review

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Well done Dee, thanks

A nice surprise!!!

I’m wondering, which part/sentence were edited out under [I]Write Speed +R[/I] on page 1?

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Thanks Dee. :clap: :cool: :bow: :iagree:

Nothing was edited out as far as i’m aware. Are you referring to the specifications?

Yes, it seems that there is some sentence “overpainted” with a white stripe?!?

Thanks, i never noticed this when the review was published. The table which displayed the specifications wasn’t formatted correctly. It should be fixed now.

Nice Review.

Yeah, excellent review. My respect.

Dee do you know if all DVR-111 drives come with those indentations in the casing? Call me lame but pretty funky looking… :kiss:

I haven’t seen the 111D model, but i would expect they all look the same at the top.

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Yes they are. :iagree:

Yep, they look identical. Mine arrived last week.

Nice review Dee - thanks, it helped me make up my mind about which burner to buy and vindicated my decision not to get the 110D.

I’ve been doing some test burns with mine and found that on some blanks the drive spins down and then back up again to continue the writing process. Its happened on some CMC MAG AE1s [8x rated but burns at 12x in mine] and some RITEKF1s.

According to Nero they verify OK, and the buffer on the drive doesn’t empty so I guess it must be the Pioneer equivalent of SMARTBurn doing it’s job.

Is this expected or am I just being paranoid? This is my first high-speed DVD burner, my first was a Sony DRU-510A [4x] and so I’ve never seen this before.

I don’t think my paranoia is helped by the fact that the bare drive I bought wasn’t packed as well as I’d have hoped and not up to what I have come to expect from my favoured supplier.

For Orinoco.
Try to post your problem here (Pioneer DVR-111/D):

Hi Orinoco
For 8x and 12x burns the DVR-111 and many other drives which use a Z-CLV writing method, the pause when changing speeds is quite normal. It is probably caused by the drive recalibrating the optics and laser power to continue with the burn.

Interesting, the instruction sheet suggests CAV for DVD-Rs at 8x and higher and the spin-downs weren’t at places I would have suspected for Zone changes. If it really is a zone change, then it should repeat itself when I burn another 8x blank. Sadly, that was my last one…

I’ve only had one burn fail, and it was preceded by a spin down - the blank was faulty in that case…

The spin-downs that I’ve had with the RITEKF1s were usually right at the end, so I’m still favouring the media quality which has been known to get a bit suspect at the outer edges - unless you have some different thoughts…?

Here is a 12x burn with a Sony 08D1 DVD-R media.
The yellow graph shows the drives rotational speed, the green graph shows the writing speed. It’s very easy to see where the slowdowns occur.

Thanks Dee - I can’t argue with that…! Looks like the instruction sheet is wrong. It has a star where it should have a black triangle.

Can you crush the rest of my paranoia and explain the slow-down at the end of the RITEKF1 16x media?

With RiTek F1 indeed, it is probably the media itself that causes the slowdown. The drives AOPC system detects the burn is to fast to maintain quality, so slows the burn speed down.

BTW. 16x write speed is indeed CAV, and i’ve heard CAV is used for selected media at 12x, although i have never seen this with any media i have.