CDFreaks Presents: The Pioneer DVR-110D Review

The Pioneer DVR-110D supports 16x DVD±R, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD-RW and 8x DVD±R DL writing technology, allowing Double/Dual Layer discs of 8.5Gb to be written. So far this is the worlds first DVD-burner to support the DVD-R9 DL format at 8x.

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Nice review!
Interesting to see that you received a “Made in Japan” unit. :smiley:

Thanks for the fine review, Dee. This drive has done everything I’ve asked and at a bargain price. Now if I could just write DVD-RAM someday…

Great review, Dee :slight_smile:

But can you give the Verbatim DVD-R DL give to somenone that can scan it with a Liteon or Benq?

Looks like that Pioneer have again a drive that´s not the fastest but with great quality

I still have the -R DL disc from the review. I also now have a Liteon drive which can scan the disc using K-Probe. I did not have this drive in time for this review.
I will scan it tomorrow and post the result.

Thank you, Dee :smiley:

Great review!!

I’m still wondering for what this is:

Write Speed +RW

· 8x Zone CLV (11.08 MB/sec)

· 6x CLV (8.31 MB/sec)

· 4x CLV (5.54 MB/sec)

· 3.3x CLV (4.57 MB/sec)

“Made In Japan” WoW!!!
:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Write Speed +RW

· 8x Zone CLV (11.08 MB/sec)

· 6x CLV (8.31 MB/sec)

· 4x CLV (5.54 MB/sec)

· 3.3x CLV (4.57 MB/sec)

I guess you are referring to the new High Speed DVD+RW standard.

According to Ricoh, they state:

This media (Ricoh DVD+RW 8x High Speed) is compliant with the new standard for High Speed DVD+RW recording speeds of 3.3x, 6x-8x. Please use only hardware compliant with the High Speed DVD+RW standard.

Thanks for the review !

On the page “DVD+R DL/-R DL Writing performance”:
concerning the Ritek-D01 (001) media code, I noticed:
PI Max = 289 , Average = 20.45
" there is a cluster of PIF errors at the layer break, this was a little concerning "

So it may still not be advisable to burn this MID code with the Pioneer 110D (fw 1.17).
Even if they are sold cheaper than MKM-001 and others some of these Ritek-D01 might still end up in the bin ?

Confirmed same comment with firmware 1.22
Pioneer doesn’t improve quality burning with this media in latest fw version

Ah, thanks for that.
Now it’s clear to me why the result in the c’t was also at 3.3x with this media.

Good Job, Dee

Great writing quality, but still compatibility issues.

Hope that the 110 start with a better FW

Excellent review. Thanks Dee :slight_smile:

Just one small thing. Since many of us still use media that burns below 16x, I’d like to have seen some burn scans from this drive, below 16x (8x, 12x). :wink:

I just looked at the 110’s front and was surprised to see that the “DVD+ReWriteable High Speed” logo has moved to the left side…
It’s just cosmetical. I’m happy mine is “made in Japan” and not china, if such drives exists…

Of course they exist! :slight_smile:
Jan70 had a made in China version.

Ow, yeah. Now I’m happy.
Mine was manufactured August 2005, BTW.

And most important, it’s the DVR-110 (beige), not the DVR-110D (BK)…

Where did you bought it?

Because you live in Germany I suggest that you have a look at this link
where the shop says:
« Pioneer DVR-110 Supermulti »

and in the same shop there are other drives sold as Pioneer 110 D

Take care the photos shown are the ones of a Pioneer drive of the Axx series (fancy bezel and honeycomb design) which are not anymore well distributed in Europe.
There is no indication about where the different drives are made but ARLT has shops all around Germany


Yes, I see that the 110 is listed in some shops in Germany :slight_smile:

My next arlt is in FFM, ca. 55km from my home.

If the 110 was avaible earlier I don´t had bought the Benq, but now it´s to late