CDFreaks Presents: The Pioneer BDR-101A Blu-ray Burner Preview

CDFreaks Presents: The Pioneer BDR-101A Blu-ray Burner Preview

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WOOOT! Interesting :bigsmile:

Thanks Dee :slight_smile:

:bow: :bow:

I just take a fast look at the scans…

:eek: this drive require a big improvement in firmware

I can’t believe they would put put a drive than can’t burn CDs, but I’d take one.

They’d to choose to go that way or wait til their engineers have developed an dual-lens like with the Panasonic BD burner…

Nice review!!!

How much is it?

About $1000.00

Can v copy video file (as one in DVD -> VOB) from blu-disk movie into our pc in order to run from Local HDD?

I have heard that due to copy write protection and to stream HD movies with your HDCP compliant video card to your monitor with HDCP encryption, you need a HDCP compliant monitor. And, I don’t know whether such monitors have reached the market… :confused:

You cannot.

Is it just me, or does that drive look really long?

The BDR-101A is 198mm long, which compares to 180mm for the DVR-111.

There’s an excellent review of the BDR-101A at EMedialive:

A few others online:

chef, are you sur we cannot rip the blue ray disc
with this pio and dvdfab HD decrypter for example ?

Such stuff was not available when chef made his comment about 10 months ago.

ok sorry