CDFreaks Presents: The Panasonic SW-5582 Blu-ray Burner Review

CDFreaks proudly presents: The Panasonic SW-5582 Blu-ray Burner Review

You can read our first Blu-ray burner review here.

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Thanks for the excellent review zevi :wink:

Great review. Looks like a very good burner.

I’m looking forward to getting a BD drive, when the price comes down a bit (or a lot) :smiley:

Nice review and not that bad results for a Pana drive, hehe.

Thorough job again zev.

Wow! All that Blu-ray disc testing must have taken forever to complete!

One thing:

In the review you show Ritek +R DL (RITEKD01) failing to burn.

“[B]The drive failed to burn this media.[/B] We tried it with both Nero Burning ROM 7 and Nero CD-DVD Speed’s burn image feature.”

Further down the page in the “Standalone Compatibility Results” section you show the same RITEKD01 as:

“[B]STOPPED in the middle of movie[/B]” on the Pioneer DV-656A and
"[B]Failed to recognize[/B]" on the Koss DVP2161

What software did you end up using to get the drive to sucessfully write to these RITEKD01 to do the testing on the standalone players?

Very nice review zevia - thanks :slight_smile:

Although I doubt I’ll be touching these til the prices drop dramatically, hehe :wink:

I’m surprised this isn’t stickie’d somewhere!

Nice catch pchilson. I did not test RITEKD01 on standalone player so I edited the table. Thanks! :wink:

Veeeery interesting :bigsmile:

Thanks :bow: :bow: :bow:

I’m just wondering if this drive is actually the same as Panasonic LF-MB121 released in Japan?

edit: yes, LF-MB121 is a retail version, basically they are the same drive.

Yes, and surely it’s only available in Japan.

Thanks zevia. Excellent review. Must have been a lot of work. :flower:

Where on earth did you get the BZC3 firmware for this drive?? Mine is BDB2 (I got it from SLI Direct also), and the thing will only write at 1x to any BD media.

Any place anywhere that has this firmware available? Sure as heck can’t get it from Panasonic.

aryntha, BZC3 firmware is a ‘development firmware’ for testing purposes. :wink:

blah… Are there any new firmware files released yet? 3 hours on a BD-R DL is pretty much intolerable…

aryntha: I recommend you contact SLI Direct and request a firmware update.
If they don’t have a newer firmware to publicly offer they can probably press Panasonic to deliver one in the future.

I’ll give that a shot; they may have that…

OK; well, this is good. SLIDirect sent me a more recent firmware revision; dated one week ago! So not bad…

But ends up that the entire problem (and yes it has been mentioned, sorry) - is the Verification issue in Nero 7… Apparently Nero has no way to turn this off yet; so disks write at 1x.

Getting closer though; now if only DVDForm and drivers could be found.

I really wish Panasonic just provided this stuff… The drive is great, I just wish there was some way to get the neccessary basic support files for this drive…

I don’t know how fast Nero 7 will be fixed but this weekend a new ImgBurn version will be released with an option to enable/disable BD-RE verification and you can burn data (or ISO) directly to your BD media. Other software that I know that support BD-RE verification on/off is Nero CD-DVD Speed.

aryntha, which BD-R DL brand you have and what’s the MID?

hey zevia I just want to let u know that the link that u posted for the Panasonic SW-5582 Blu-ray Burner Review is broken.