CDFreaks presents: The NEC ND-4570A preview

CDFreaks presents : The NEC ND-4570A Preview.

You can read the preview here.

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Thanks for the review…looking forward for the full review.

Thanks Dee. Maybe you can also mention the 4571 drive you have now in the preview as an update.

Thanks for the preview, Dee. The drive looks interesting so far - except of course for the ever missing DVD+R/RW bitsetting on stock firmware.


Will it be available in the USA???


It will probably be in the U.S. as another Mad Dog rebadge in a month or two, as that seems to be the trend since the ND-2500A.

why are NEC so adamant on not having dvd+r/rw bitsetting support by default?

Maybe they just want to leave this up to me :wink:

Yes, they thought why we should do this job, we’ve Liggy! :iagree:

But they even do it for Maddog’s OEM firmwares and it is probably only a single switch that would enable this feature on their own firmwares too. Much less work than it is for me.

I am shocked that also the 4570 does a very bad burn with VERBATIM 16x DVD-Media!

Disk-Quality score with MCC 004 at 84%
and with MCC 003 at 70% is something NOT acceptable for me!

Hi :slight_smile:
Thanks Dee,
I was wonderin the 4571 wiil you cover this too. I appreciate you’ve got a life & I’m not particularly bothered about time. (As long as its now. :bigsmile: )

This is probably just a f/w thing. Another drive using same Nec chip has QS of 98/99% for MCC 004 & 96/97% for MCC 03RG20.

The ND-4571A will be covered in a later review, and we believe in only referring to the drive we are currently reviewing.

You make the mistake of thinking that the Quality Score actually means something when a Lite-On drive is used for scanning with CD-Speed. It doesn’t :D. The same discs scanned on the NEC manage a quality score of 97. IMO, the most important factor when considering a scan is the PIF total and average scores.

Thanks for the comments regarding the preview. But i will not personally be covering the ND-4571A drive.

Thanks for your comments.

The 6x CLV mode and a decent 8x burning times are great evolution for NEC.
I have to praise for these.
But the burn quality is not impressive or even disappointed, it’s enough to drop a burner from options for me.

I just hope NEC should present another drive that can compete with 3500 on burning quality.

The 457x has good enough hardware, just needs some improves for some strategies/medias. Let’s hope for the best. :wink:

I have to disagree strongly with Willbald and valeron. The quality scans look very good to me, the exact opposite of what you are stating.

This thing looks aces to me. It’s got everything I want except for bitsetting. It might be my first post-1640 acquisition. Although, I’d really rather have an LG, those things write so well and fast. Too bad they don’t have any features at all besides that.

Well, DEE has already mentioned that the scans have been made with LiteOn and that on the NEC itself it would be 97%.

But for me it seems that the NEC series 45xx has some problems with MCC Media. Even with original VERBATIM - not to mention that bad thing with same Mediacode from DATAWRITE.
My 4550A has not so good burns with Verbatim MCC xxxx.
It has latest firmware Dee’s NEC4550 Firmware 1.X6

I recently used some PRODISC R03 (Bulkpaq) and RITEK R03 (Fuji) and those burns have not been much worser than with the Verbatim MCC…
And this for only 1/3 of the price of a Verbatim.

Maybe I will recognize the difference in a few months when I will scan them again.

Another thing which I am a little bit upset with NEC is related to CD-R Media, I have some here which are rated at up to 52x and the 4550 will show only 32x or 40x.
The same issue I could find in the review of the 4570 now!

If it will happen that I have to replace my 4550 - up to now the 4570 will not be an improvement for me.
Maybe new and better firmware will change my mind… time will show it.

TDK003 (TDK branded)
Burn speed 16x

Could you please provide information about the manufacturer of the pickup mechanism in this model?

Since NEC and Sony are going to estabilish a cooperation I’m a bit concerned wheter it is not their first born child.

Since I distrust Lite-On DVD±RW drives, and this one is the first to come in “half-height” from NEC, here arise my concerns.

Thanks in advance.

I own NEC ND-3500AG and I am about to sell it at a really good price (33 USD :iagree: ) to a die-hard fan of these, thus I’m concerning grabbing myself a brand new ND-4570/4571.