CDFreaks Presents : The Lite-On SHW-16H5S DVD Burner Review

CDFreaks Presents the Lite-On SHW-16H5S review

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Great Review !!! Thank You !!!
I owned the same drive and i’m very happy.


Great review, Dee :slight_smile:

But I wonder about the conclusion for Ricohjpn02-media. Over 2600 PIF-total when tested with a Liteon is far away from “very good”, i would call it “acceptable”.

But the drive looks good, only Ritek G05 and CMC MAG D01 sucks on this drive.

I´m suprised about the much better results when I compare it with the 1635, the 1635 have big problems with DVD RW, the 16H5S not.

Your entitled to your opinion, as i am mine.

It’s a different drive.


In the review You say You got it shipped with LS0T, I got mine with LS0H and as far as I see, the latest on the Liteon’s website is LS0R dated 2005-10-24 while Yours is 2005-11-09. Strange…

Nice as always Dee-27 :wink:
I’m satisfied with this drive, but maybe the reading speed will be “improved by someone”.

Nice review, has made me think. Was going to get this just as a error scanner plus the lightscribe is there just to say i have it. But resently i was going to replace my Plex 2410A CD Writer with a Plextor Premium but they are just to hard to get hold of now, but after reading the review and reading in the conclusion and i quote " Excellent write quality with CD-R/RW media " i am now temped to replace my Plex2410A with this as my cd writer, so instead of a scanner only it would now be my scanner and cd-writer. What do you guys think ? as a cd writer to replace my every so trusted Plex ?

Would have been nice to see a silver bezal aswell.

Great review Dee. If it ever becomes available here, might have to pick one up.

Wohoo now I have to choose between BenQ 1655 and LiteOn 16H5S…

I would vote for the Benq :bigsmile:

Thanks Dee. Fantastic review. :clap:

Excellent review. I use a 16h5s as my main optical and love it.
Thanks for the tip about re-scribing a disc to make it darker. I’d always suspected that it was possible but never got round to trying it. I’ve now tested this method out on two discs a CD-R and a DVD+R. The CD gave great results but unfortunately the DVD did this :o Admittedly the disc was first scribed about a month ago and has been played a couple of times in my home theatre system. I only tried it with this one as the “ncd” file is one of the few I had saved on my PC.
I’ve always been a bit disappointed by the faded appearance that lightscribing has produced, so in future as a matter of habit, I think I’ll run the scribing session twice - without taking the disc out of the drive (just in case).

I’d be interested in hearing more about this LS0T f/w version too. I seems entirely likely as the drive is dated October 2005 and LSOR was released 2005/09/15.

Regarding the LSOT firmware. As the review drives are sent direct from the respective manufacturer. It’s not unusual for us to receive a drive with the very latest, perhaps as yet unreleased firmware.

noticed that you used Sure Thing Labeling SW to burn the lightscribe image. However, the listed software that comes with the burner does not include any lightscribe labeling software. Does this drive come with lightscribe labeling software?

Nero 6 what was with my 16H5S is supporting LightScribe.
It was bulk with software. I don’t know what is exactly in retail box.

Nero 6 is included in the retail pack and can be used for LightScribe as Juhusiik says. “SureThing” is my own application. i’m used to working with it, plus our review LS templates are in SureThing format.

You may have to download the LightScribe drivers from Nero’s website for LightScribe to work with your version of Nero.

no CD Freaks “Safe Buy” award ! Why ?

It very nearly did get one, but in the end it just lost out because of the DVD-R write quality.
With most DVD+R media, this drives performs extremely well.

If you use DVD+R media, then this drive is certainly a “safe buy”. :slight_smile:

I have found two different label:
LiteOn SHW-16H5S-05C and LiteOn SHW-16H5S-02C
What means?

05C is Black, 02C is Beige