CDFreaks presents: The LG GSA-H42N Super Multi DVD-Writer Review

CDFreaks presents: The LG GSA-H42N Review

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Great review as always, MegaDETH :clap:…been eyeing that drive up myself for awhile, but I must resist :wink:

Thanks for the great review MegaDETH. :wink:

We have been working with LG engineers in the past few weeks (that’s why the review was postponed) and I would suggest to burn CD-R at lower speed, ie 16x or 24x.

Thanks MegaDETH i will read this for sure :slight_smile:

Thanks Mega DETH, nice first impression. :clap:

Hope this can be edited;

The LG GSA-H42N is a “Three Seep Burner” that can successfully write Safedisc up to V2.51.
[I]Edit.[/I] BTW, for “Sheep” test and qualification check here.

Corrected, thanks for spotting that.

Oh yes, another great review, thanks Mega

Very nice review! I’m starting to loose my aversion to LG branded things.

…and there’s one more little typo, on the Conclusion page, Negative points paragraph, second line from the bottom: “performance of [B]Pessed[/B] Double Layer DVD-Video…” :slight_smile:

Thanks it’s edited.

ok well i skimmed through it some. Where are the scans of the burns? The scans showing how many minutes and seconds it took to burn the disk Nero scan (Create Disc). Ok i’m blind.

I had one Made in China H42N die, but I got another that is Made in Korea. :slight_smile:

Nice :wink:

Nice work megadeth.

Nice work. Only few short remarks:

  • DVD+RW booktype setting - are you sure?
  • in conclusion - “DVD±RL” should be “DVD±R DL” or “DVD±DL”?
  • why not trying CD burning at 16x and posting so that users are aware that they can burn a CD-R, but only at 16x or lower speed?


I think that this problem has been reported at the H42N/L thread, but it would be a good idea to add some 16x cd burns and scans, here or even better in the review.

Nice review, MegaDETH.

Thanks. I’ve been waiting for this review so much. I was so glad to read it.
But I saw that in [B]Reading-Performance Section[/B], at [B]DVD-RW[/B] reading it’s a [B]screenshot of a DVD-R reading[/B].

I have H42L SL01 and now I’m not quite sure if I would buy it again. I need to buy a DVD RW unit for a friend. And I don’t know what to do. CD-R quality in this unit case is something that I don’t like and is a big shame for LG :o in my opinion.
For me is just an ok drive, but cause of CD-R problem, it might not be ok for my friend.
If I would ask you to advice me what to buy what it will be:

  1. LITE-ON 20A1H / 18A1H
  2. LG GSA-H42N/L
  3. LG GSA-H22N/L

… sorry for the last question which maybe is not right-placed in this thread :slight_smile: and thanks for your help

Will get that fixed, the data graph though has the correct numbers.

I’m getting very weird results with this model, I updated the firmware from RL00 to RL01 because I was getting data verification errors when burning cdr media and then burned two different cd-rw media and an dvd-rw and dvd-r as data

Memorex 10x CD-RW

I tried to play the content in a SANKEY DVD-9751X DVD player but none of those recorded media were recognized by the DVD player, I don’t know what went wrong, and I can’t choose the recording speed for the cdrw media as I’m recording with nero 6.6

After using it for for under two weeks, I returned an LG GSA-H42L drive to Best Buy last week. Very disappointing CD writing was one of the main reasons why, and these were decent Verbatim CD-Rs that I was using. I wasn’t even burning at close to maximum speed, was writing at no faster than 16x.

It was also doing a poor job with dual layered discs, creating copies that weren’t playable on my Philips DVP-642 DVD deck–it couldn’t even detect/display a menu. The dual layered discs that it burned weren’t even recognized as dual layered when attempting a quality check using Nero, with my NEC-3550A burned being used as a reader. The quality graph displayed as single layered, with the quality check literally disappearing offscreen during the second half of the disc read.

Though it involves some compromises with DVD-R media, I went with an external Samsung writer a few days back. It’s burning both dual layered and CD media quite well, and I can always use my NEC-3550A writer for DVD-R discs.

U wrote at H22N instead of H42N in 12x DVD-RAM-section :wink:

U posted the DVD-R-picture instead of DVD-RW

But it´s a nice review :slight_smile:

Hope, LG will fix the probs with CD-R-media and RicohJPN03/RitekF1