CDFreaks Presents the LG GSA-H10A Super Multi DVD Burner Review



We at CDFreaks are proud to present the LG GSA H10A Super Multi DVD Burner Review. You can find it here:

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Nice job [I]crossg[/I], I’ve just ordered one some minutes ago… :clap:



“The CD-RW writing quality is not great on the selected media but the read back produced a smooth curve.”


IMHO the CD-RW-writing-quality is excellent

Only the DL-part and the MCC03RG20 should be improved, the other things are excellent


Need to look into that Rip-Lock thing, before everyone come to rattle our cage about it.

Brother Vlad


Oh dear, poor TDB.


You are right of course and I have corrected that bob boo. However I did have issues with some Infodisc CD-RW 24x but decided not to add the results because they were inconclusive and varied from bad to worse with many C2 errors.:slight_smile:


A job well done, crossg.


Nice write up, my H10A has been great so far, I can recommend TDK TTH02 media for anyone who reads this thread, so far it’s given me my best scan results.


Nice review.


Well done, crossg!
Thanks for the nice review!


hi i got the oem dvd rom but cant seem to find a driver for this dvd rom can someone please help as i tried to burn a dvd and it has failed a few times :sad:


Hmmm. Are you sure it’s a DVD-ROM? Or is it the H10A DVD Writer? You should be able to find a FW for your drive at this site.:slight_smile:


it is the dvd writer model number hl-dt-st dvdram gsa-h10a
thank for quick reply by the way


[QUOTE=daza]it is the dvd writer model number hl-dt-st dvdram gsa-h10a
thanks for quick reply by the way

tried to download driver but having problems :eek:


Mine did an automatic Firmware update whilst on the Internet, one thing I liked about this H10-A.


very good writer,
I am a little lost with the numeros lg burner
someone is able to sum up the evolution of lg burner ?

I know the 4163 and 4166, and 4167B but how to positionate this GSA H10A in the LG offer ?


Please don’t post stuff unrelated to the topic of this discussion, which is about the review of the drive. If you want help on the drive, please start a new discussion thread. You will also get more replies that way as people who are knowledgeable about your problem will see your thread and can respond if they can. Over here you’re really just hoping that someone here happens to know about your problem.


Think of these writers in terms of two lines of a family tree, one carrying the deadly lightscribe gene, and the other without :wink:

The 4163B, 4167B and H10A seem to be part of the same line of writers (which have no lightscribe ability), each being an update to the previous. They all based on a later model of the same chipset (renesas) and so have similar features. In order of succession (from earliest to latest) :


The 4166B has lightscribe ability, which the above writers do not have. It is based on a different chipset (Panasonic) and has slightly different features. Its successor is probably the H20L, which also uses a Pansonic chipset.


@TDB: Great news that you are looking into the riplock. :slight_smile:

@crossg: Great review! I agree with you on the Infodisc CD-RW tests, they are unreliable and do not work well in almost every writer. crap media!


thanks for information