CDFreaks presents the BenQ DW1800 18x DVD Burner Review

I just posted the article CDFreaks presents the BenQ DW1800 18x DVD Burner Review.

Our reviewer agent009 published today the BenQ DW1800 18x DVD Burner Review, one of the first products to come from the new Philips Lite-On Digital Solutions Corporation (PLDS).Very interesting is…

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Most people still burn their DVDs at 8x, so what’s the point? Bragging rights?

I have fun on my forum as well as others on log/speed wars to do a title so there’s other intrests as well IMHO. :B

making it easy to determine the quality of recorded DVDs, which in turn allows us to predict longevity and readability of media. Completely wrong. Overall quality cannot be measured simply by a home based drive. Not even the recording quality can fully be evaluated with it. Longevity has absolutely nothing to do with how the disc initially “scans” in a BenQ/Liteon.