CDFreaks Presents: the Asus DRW-20B1LT Multi-DVD Burner review

CDFreaks Presents: the Asus DRW-20B1LT Multi-DVD Burner review

You can read the reviewhere:

Great review Kip as always :flower:

Thanks Mega; I do enjoy doing them.

Good to see you used a BenQ for CDR tests! I like that.

I might get this drive soon. It has everything I need in a new drive. I probably won’t burn very fast in it though :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder how well it burns at slower speeds… checks asus forum :smiley:

Sorry - there’s a mistake on the DVD+R/RW writing performance page.

The second san is incorrect and is a duplicate of the 3rd scan.

Nice review though, but does anyone know what other MID’s are 20x supported?

I’d imagine TY and Verbatim would potentially be the only ones. But Verbatim was not even supported to 20x was it?

20x is just all wank factor anyway.

Nice review Kip.

[QUOTE=cd pirate;2174322]Good to see you used a BenQ for CDR tests! I like that.

Me too. Nice review :iagree:

Thanks guys.

My old Lite-On CDRW went south on me so the BenQ came to my resuce.

Nice review Kip.

Saw this, perhaps you meant 20x?

Write quality:

The specifications of this drive tell us that it should write DVD±R at 22x and DVD+RW/-RW at 8x/6x.

Do you know what (assuming MediaTek) chipset it is?

This drive is OEM LiteOn iHAS120! :slight_smile:

And your source is?

From the front it may look like a LO, but the top housing is different than the iHAS series. Besides, it CANNOT be a iHAS120 b/c iHAS120 does NOT have Lightscribe.

[QUOTE=KTL;2178536]And your source is?[/QUOTE]


The thread does NOT conclude that they are the same drive. So don’t spread any misinformation unless you are certain, especially from your first post. The last Asus series also used a MediaTek chipset, but it was NOT a LO design.

Here is a report of crossflashing a Asus 20B1LT to a Liteon iHAS220. The Asus firmware is a typical DH20A6 firmware.

Yes, it’s been confirmed that the 20B1LT IS an iHAS220 drive. It’s strange that the housing different on the Asus drive.

Does crossflashing this drive to the latest firmware version of LiteOn iHAS220 reduce any of the negatives mentioned in the review?

•DVD±RW writing quality could be improved.
• CD-R writing quality could be improved.
•BitSetting (BookType DVD-ROM) not supported.