CDFreaks Presents: the Asus DRW-1814BLT Super Multi Burner review

CDFreaks Presents: the Asus DRW-1814BLT Super Multi Burner review

You can read the review here

Thanks for the review, The Kipper! :clap:

Sounds like a good one.

Thanks for the review.

Great review Kip.

It’s so nice to see great CD-R burns on these newer drives.

Did you have any SATA setup issue with this drive??

None at all; just tossed it in, plugged it in, and started burning.

can i just say i noticed something in the dvd recorder reviews their some of the most well and carefully thought out reviews and i liked this one i used to look for burner reviews and could hardly find anything till i found this site hats off to all the reviewers and keep it up :slight_smile: , nice drive also :slight_smile:

Great review Kipper, I really look forward to these reviews, and this one is great. Thanks for the knowledge.:clap:

Thanks for the nice review, [B]Kipper[/B]! :slight_smile:

Welcome folks; its a pleasure to be able to do the reviews here at CDF.

nice review but what i didnt like about it is that you referd too much to the TRT , i mean you seem to judge the quality more from the TRT rather then the actual PIE/PIF scan and i tought that was rather ridicules , for example on MCC004 you wrote “Good quality, smooth read curve; it is a highly recommended media!” and the scan looks like hell

also could have like it better if there were copy protection tests , after all it is a 3 sheep burner

The parity level on that disc is more than acceptable. PIE-max is well below 280 (Red Book Standard) and PIF-max is less than 4 (1 ECC) - which is GOOD!


Well Bunny, you just got the facts of the Kprobe scan from Terminalvelocd. No need for me to comment further.

i still think that scan is far from impressive,ive seen way better then that , the TRT isnt everything

Exactly, our analysis is not based on TRT alone, and I hope you don’t judge based on only PIE levels.

4x CLV Kprobe scan is good, 16x TRT is perfect, thus overall is good quality --not very good, not excellent, just good.

G’day all,

I would personally like to see parity scans done with either a BenQ or a Plextor drive because these drives are capable of monitoring jitter levels. Jitter levels can provide a vital insight as to exactly how well the drive, the firmware, and the media work together. Also, BenQs and Plextors seem to be a lot less forgiving when it comes to poor burns. A disc that passes a LiteON parity scan (below limits on all accounts) may fail miserably on a BenQ/Plextor due to poor jitter and/or parity.


And Good Day to you Terminalvelocd

Be careful what you ask for, you just might get --------

Maybe Zevi will fill in the blanks.

Kipper > I found a typo on the conclusion page. I usually don’t look for things,but this one popped up to me for some reason. The word is buy and should be [B]but[/B] Nice review by the way :clap:

[B]So to sum it all up, this is what we would say:[/B]

If you are building a new system, with most new motherboards having plenty of SATA connectors [B]buy[/B] only one IDE port, the ASUS DRW-1814BLT should fit the bill.

Thanks rolling

Went back in and fixed that typo; good catch.

Hi Kipper,

Thanks again for the excellent review! :clap:

I bought this drive and I cannot use it with CloneDVD to burn media that was pulled from a DVD using AnyDVD. I have the latest bios, so watch out for the compatibility issues people from Asus on this one. Better off sticking with a more reliable brand name. Not like I have a dinosaur computer. It’s a later model P4 with hyper-threading and Windows can see this drive fine. BE CAREFUL with this drive.