CDFreaks Presents: The ASUS DRW-1608P3S DVD Burner Review

CDFreaks Presents: The ASUS DRW-1608P3S DVD Burner Review

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Another great review from Zevia :slight_smile: great job!

I found one minor confuse from the review…

in DVD+R writing section… one picture seem wrong (Verbatim - instead of +)

just notice that…

but the review is perfect…

Thanks Smith_X. It’s fixed now.

Yes, excellent review. Thanks zevia. :slight_smile:

Great review zevia, thanks.

The DL writing capabilities seem quite impressive :

  • burning MKM 001 at 8X with minimal error counts
  • success in burning Ritek DL, which is rare enough to be pointed out.

Great review zevia.:slight_smile:

i’m curious: is the 1608P3S a rebadged pio 111? i know that the 1608P2S is a pio 110… now let’s read the review lol.



yup. you can use the buffalo / pioneer firmware to convert your Asus 1608P3S drive to Pioneer DVR-111 or DVR-111L (lightscribe). :iagree:

hehehe thanks. i just ordered a pio 111D from newegg – so i will be a new owner of a pio soon and join the pio community lol. i’m glad the buffalo f/w has auto-bitsetting – never would have gotten a pio otherwise…

quick question: any differences between f/w 1.19 and 8.19 except for the auto-bitsetting?



Actually it is [B]Labelflash[/B] :smiley:

Yes of course it is. :o My bad. It was late in the night…my mind went to bed, but my body was still at the pc.

I’ve had this experience twice , one time I flashed a mobo with different bios , the other one I flashed my 810A to Benq 1640 with a disc inside :bigsmile:
And for OT , why there was no testing for Labelflash in this review ?

How, when the ASUS burner doesn’t support it?!???

I thought that the reviewer could do some crossflash and test it .

I checked the 111 review and it also has no LF review :smiley:

Reviews doesn’t include crossflashs, AFAIK.

Especially if the drive were sponsored by Asus USA.

That’s the point.

Oh , I see

Now , if only some one could review the Official Buffalo 111L :bigsmile:

Asus released a new firmware on the 4th of July, 1.24!

You can get it here: