CDFreaks Presents the ASUS DRW-1608P2 Review

You can read the review here:

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That’s a really nice review!

The fact that the ASUS won’t even autobitset the DL+ to DVD-ROM makes me think that crossflashing to another drive/firmware like Pio or Buffalo is a good idea, for those who want it.

CD burning these times with DVD burners is a bit overcounted, but especially Cresults should be better. But:

But nevertheless, it’s a DVD-Writer, so head on to next page and read about DVD-Writing performance and DVD media compatibility…

It’s nice to see that mentioned. :wink:

PS: The manufacturing date makes me more think than the “Made in China” info.

Great review, zevia :slight_smile:

Looks like it´s a very good DVD-writer but it´s weak with CD-R/RW

The only thing that confused me is that you use not a NEC-drive for the transfer-test, so I can´t compare this with the other Cdfreaks-reviews.

Can you scan some media in a Benq?

Which media you are particularly interested?

MCC 004

Prodisc R04

YUDEN000 T02




Only if you have time :slight_smile:


Well, I made new sets of burns since I couldn’t find the old ones. :o So here they are Scour (4 media only).

Verbatim DVD+R 16x: MCC004 burned @16x

Excellent quality. Very low PIF considering a high speed write. Smooth transfer rate test. Jitter is a little high only at the end of the disc but shouldn’t be a problem.

Memorex DVD+R 16x: PRODISCR04 burned at 12x (max by firmware)

Pretty good burn.

Verbatim DVD-R 16x: MCC03RG20 burned @16x.

Lastly, Fujifilm DVD-R 8x: TYG02 burned at 12x.


Much Thanks, Zevia :clap:

Pretty good results, only the total PIF of MCC03RG20 are not so good like I expected

Thanks Zevia. Fantastic review. :clap:

Great burns but IMO it still lacks too many of the niceties other drives have and ZCLV is so retro. :wink:

Thanks Zevia, excellent burner. I’d love to get my hands on some MCC04 :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish my ASUS @ pioneer had the “ASUS” logo on it :frowning:

the review is very good and clear, i have this dvdwriter and it works ok. with one single problem, for which i hope i’ll find a solution here. it writes very slowly, no matter the dvd i use. i tried 4x, 12x, 16x dvds, +/-R, verbatim, traxdata, tdk, sony, nothing changes, it writes a dvd in 40 minutes. i’ve heard there are other users that have the same problem, but nobody is capable to find a solution. can you tell me where am i wrong? i use a P4 1.4 GHz, 512 RAM, win98, nero 6-whatever, i can’t remember right now.thanks in advance for support


Just enable DMA for your drives.

it worked. thanks a lot

I’ve buy this DVD burner, and the results of test are very poor.
And this happens with almost all the DVD tested.
And it seems i’m not the only one withn this problem. As you can see here, Bugface have the same problem.

Please, if you have any idea of what is happening, or if this is normal, let me know.
And sorry, I don’t speak english very well!!!

Me again… this is another test with another DVD: Verbatim DVD+R

By the way, almost all tests with different DVD’s are very similar. However, all of them can be read perfectly, watching the DVD or copying the files on the HD (in both a DVD reader and the DVD burner).
Besides, the same kind of results are get with DVD’s burned with another burner.
Please, I need an opinion about these results.

Various things:

PSU power and quality is a big factor.
Update the mobo BIOS, check that IDE/DMA is set to AUTO.
Update the burners firmware, 1.37/1.39 is up to date.
Update the burner software, especially if it is NERO.
Try to use the m$ IDE drivers, no 3rd party ones.
Connect the burner onto a 80 conductor cable, preferably as MASTER.

Make some further tests. :wink:

Well, this is more information about my PC:
Intel Pentium III 1 Ghz
RAM: 256 Mb
HD: 40 Gb (Western Digital 400BB)
Windows XP (version 2002)
Burner: Asus 1608P2 (Firmware 1.17)

The burner is connected with a 80 conductor cable (which came with the burner).
I’ve tried three options (with same bad results):
1 - the burner as slave and the hard disk as master, both in the primary IDE connector. In the secondary IDE connector, a DVD Rom Pioneer.
2 - the burner as master in the secondary IDE connector, and the HD as master and the DVD Rom as slave (both in the primary IDE).
3 - the burner as master and a CD burner (LG) as slave (both in the secondary IDE), and the HD as master and the DVD Rom as slave (both in the primary IDE).

And very IMPORTANT: the burner had been changed in the shop, so I have another Asus 1608P2, and the problem continue. It’s just the same.

Please, can someone give me an advice?
Can I do something to improve the performance?
Which of the three options previous is the better (I hope the number 3, so I can use the CD burner!!!)

Firmware still not updated…

1.37 is the latest!!!