Cdfreaks presents the ASUS DRW-1608P review

Cdfreaks presents the ASUS DRW-1608P review

This drive is based on the popular Pioneer DVR-109.
Questions/comments can be made in this thread.

Note about firmware 1.55 & 1.57: While it is true that Pioneer released firmware revisions 1.55 & 1.57 a few months ago, ASUS did not make 1.57 available until August 22nd 2005, when this review was already completed. 1.55 was never released.


Nice review of a nice drive :clap:

3 questions:

  1. You used Verbatim-media made in Singapore. Where did you get that? I orderes Verbatim from Cdfreaks-shop, I get made in India 8x :Z
  2. You try the NEC 3500 for reading DVD-R DL. Can the NEC read DVD-R DL?
  3. In the DL-page you wrote DVD+R DL = MKM01RD30. But this is the -R DL, I guess?

Hi Scour!

  1. Verbatim Singapore media was provided by Verbatim USA awhile ago.
  2. I thought that I had read DVD-R DL on this drive in the past but I was mistaken. It can not read DVD-R DL at all (whoops!). I have removed that image.
  3. Also fixed, Thanks!

Another world class review. Thanks Wes :slight_smile:

The drive produces some amazing burns but I’m personally disappointed by, ZCLV burning for some speeds, no settable bitsetting for all plus media and the rip lock.

note that the riplock can be unlocked by flashing the 109 with the A09XL firmware, then using Pioneer’s Quite Drive Performance Utility to set the drive to Performance mode. Also, drive is made region-free if flashed with TDB’s firmware