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This drive seems to be evolved a bit with the last firmware updates.

Are US06 firmware been used for burning the media ?:confused:


Better than in older reviews.

But still they have much to do, the overall-performance is far away from LG, Pioneer, Benq, NEC…

And for a DVD-R-user like me the 552 is awful

Must have meant TS-H552U. :slight_smile: (I wondered if this was still another new drive of Samsung.)

Samsung TS-H552U DVD-Writer - Introduction
Posted by Jan S. on 06 June 2005

Review: Samsung TS-H552U
Reviewer: Jan70
Provided by: Samsung Europe (UK)
Firmware: US03, US05 & US06
Manufactured: November 2004

I bought this writer 6mnths ago from Aria. It now fails to recognise blank cd’s (light just flickers for about 30 secs). It recognises pre-recorded cds and still burns DVDs-does anyone have a solution or do i need to bin it?

Either “bin” it or get another DVD writer or CD-R/DVD-ROM “combo” drive for CD-R burning (while keeping TS-H552U for other purposes.)

do not buy this burner it’s complete ass i got it very cheap but i wish i’d payd another hundred dollars and got one that worked, hopefully some1 can help make use of this trash

is there a limit on the amount it can burn? I have burned around 10 DVDs already and its still good.

The TS-H552U is not a new drive. It is the same as TS-H552B, but differing in firmware.

I have sucessfully cross flashed TS-H552B to TS-H552U.

Hohoho, under normal circumstances such a burner should be able to burn several hundreds of CDs and DVDs before it fails…