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Hi :slight_smile:
Excellent yet again Jan70. :clap: :iagree: :bigsmile: :bow: :cool:


It seems the new WH-1xxx Samsung burners are getting very good, unlike the TS-Hxxx models. And they’re quite cheap.


Thanks Jan70. Excellent review. :slight_smile:

Some excellent results and good to see that they haven’t forgotten about CD write quality along the way. Just needs some media overclocking ability and some faster read speeds and it would be a super drive…


Yeah, excellent!

These new Samsung burners really deserve more support.


Of Course an excellent review of an excellent writer.

But it seem that the SH-W162L already has been discontinued and replaced by the SH-S162L? DVD-RAM has been addded.


Also the SATA version (163)??


I assume you’re referring to DVD-RAM: No.

The SH-W163 (firmware TS01) was tested in the German c’t 2006-08. ChipSet: Mediatek M1889E.


Yup, I’ve read it.
I meant an possible S version…


At this time there is no SATA version of a Samsung which supports DVD-RAM.




So is this a good drive to get? I currently have a LiteOn SHW-1635S, and I keep getting bad burns so I was looking for a good drive to buy, thanks to any replies.


Go for the samsung m8 :slight_smile:

I have an Liteon 1633 - pretty similar to yours I would imagine and I bought a samsung 162L to replace it - no comparison!

In fact, i am so happy with it, i just went and bought another one :smiley:



Are there any firmware modders working on firmware for the DVD-RAM version of this drive (SH-S162L)

I’m looking for a RPC1 mod of TS06.

SH-S162L (TS06) Firmware from Official Samsung Website

Just out of curiosity… is there anything I can do to find out what chipset/processor is used in the SH-S162L without pulling it apart ?


It uses the MTK chipset (MT1888LE) and is manufactured by LiteOn. See the cdfreaks review in the first post. :wink:

It uses an 8051 series processor. You are unlikely to find anyone patching this drive, unless they know how to get around the patch protection this drive uses. :wink:


I thought the MT1888LE was made by MediaTek Inc.


I thought the MT1888LE was used in the SH-W162L, the predecssor to the SH-S162L, but wasn’t used in the SH-S162L as it didn’t support DVD-RAM. (from a comment I read elsewhere on the form.)

I might try to send the drive back if I haven’t got a hope in hell of finding a patch to RPC1.

Buy something else that supports RAM and Lightscribe.


Sorry I meant the drive was manufactured by LiteOn, but after some further checking it looks like I might be wrong about that.

KitStar, The MT1888E/LE does support DVD-RAM up to 5x. Also, as an alternative to patched firmware you can use one of several region free applications. :wink:


Thanks, I think I might do that as I just missed the deadline for returning the drive under the distance selling regulations (UK). Yea, it’s labelled as doing DVD-RAM at 5x so it could well be the same chipset.

Thanks for the information. I’ll look for some (free?) region-free applications. I was under the impression that if the drive was RPC2 and set to a different region than the disc it wouldn’t even attempt to read it ?


Here’s a quote from DVD Region-Free:

DVD Region-Free enables you to watch and copy DVD from any region on all DVD drives! It fully supports region-protected (RPC2) DVD drives, and does not require any firmware modifications. It will work, even if you can not change the DVD drive’s region anymore.

Unfortunately it’s not free. Personally I use SlySoft AnyDVD. It’s well supported (lifetime updates) and well worth the purchase price. :wink: