CDFreaks presents: Samsung SE-W164L Review

CDFreaks Presents : The Samsung SE-W164L Review

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This is a nice one!


Good review, Dee and Jan :clap:

There is an error on the DVD+R page. The second disc is 16x Plextor-branded Taiyo Yuden according to the pic and description, but the KProbe scan says it’s YUDEN000 T02.

Also, thanks for adding the relevance of the TRT.

why is the picture showing se162L??
because to my knowledge,the 164L supports Mt. Rainier…

The Internal 162L and external 164L share the same firmware, therefor the 164L is recognized as a 162L, None of which support Mt Rainier.

Really a good one :clap:

i don’t understand,i went to the store today and checked the box,it said supports mt rainier,this can also be seen on the screenshots of the box in the review…it was this model

at first THX for this great review and I`m sorry for digging out old threads.

What are the minimum system reqirements of this burner and does it support Windows 98SE (are Win98 Drivers included)?
I have already been searching the web now for quite some time but wasn´t able to find any information about the supported versions of Windows… not even at the Samsung homepage. As I intended to use this burner together with my old Laptop which is still running under 98 this information would be very important for me.
It would be very nice of you if anyone could help me concerning this matter.


The minimum system requirements are:

Pentium 2GHz or higher
Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
256MB of ram
USB2 connection

Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:
As I have never worked with external DVD Burners before it would be very kind of you if you maybe could help me with another question:
Do you perhaps remember if Windows 98 Drivers where included on the Software-CD because on the screenshot in your review only several applications of Nero 6 and the Manuals are mentioned and I was as well no able to find any Drivers on the Samsung homepage. At least I always thought that you would need special Drivers for every OS except Windows XP… or am I wrong?


The Win98SE drivers are not included on the disc, however the online manual (on the disc) explains where to find the driver on Samsungs website.

THX again for your help! :slight_smile:
I think this burner is exactly what I was searching for.



does any body know where can i buy Samsung se-w164L/C in US?

thanks in advance

That sucks. There is enough space on the disc, so why didn’t they place the Win98 drivers there?

The Win98 USB drivers can be found at (Flash plugin needed :Z )


On the Plextor branded YUDEN 000 T03 you are showing the Kprobe result of a YUDEN 000 T02 disc…

Here is the correct scan.

Probably because m$ ceased w98 support.