CDFreaks presents: Samsung SE-W164C review

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Hi :slight_smile:
Another Gold Star for this excellent review. Well done. :clap: :clap: :clap:
Are Dee-27 and Jan70 going to become the double act of cdfreaks to rival that of Liggy & Dee. :rolleyes: Is Dee cloning herself :eek:


Nice review, Dee :slight_smile:

The Samsung do better than I expect, only some writing-quality-problems with Ricoh DL, Ritek G05 and some DVD RW media.

But I like the design, looks like a LG :slight_smile:

Excellent review. :slight_smile: Thanks Dee and Jan. Looks like Samsung is making a comeback. :wink:

Still can’t figure why they had to call it a 164 though :confused:

Thanks for another nice review. One of the most obvious disadvantages of almost all Samsung ODDs is lack of choice when it comes to overspeed writing and reading. Lead-free, Samsung started that first on their HDDs and then ODDs as well. I don’t know whether their products are any better than others for our environment. In South Korea, there is only one external DVD writer: LG GSA-2164D among the main suppliers. Samsung has only model in the market: Samsung SH-W162C.

Well I wonder if it can overburn DVD discs like Plextor does? I did not see any DVD overburn specification in the review.

Hi, I am new here. I have SE-W164C/EUBN. CDROM on my laptop (Amilo-D) no works and I need dos drivers for SE-W164C. Please help me.

Why would you need dos drivers? Only for REAL DOS, but not other OS’.

My CD (on Fufitsu laptop no works). I have only external (USB) CDRW (Samsung SE-W164C/EUBE. And I need install another OS.

You would have to contact FSC then.