CDFreaks presents Plextor PX-760A Preview

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Hi :slight_smile:
Jan70 :clap: :iagree: :bigsmile: .
Stonking insight there. (no, I’ve no idea why I chose the word stonking either.) :doh:
Gonna have to start raiding the piggy bank. :bigsmile:

Very nice preview Jan70. :clap:

18x DVD-R burns look very nice. Except for the single PIF spikes, 18x DVD+R also looks promising. 10x DVD+R DL at 13:55 mins made the drive the fastest DL burner! :wink:


Does not supports CD-RW writing at 32x

Any Idea if the drive supports overburning +R’s? I assume it doesn’t like the 755 which is a shame. I have a 712a and the +R overburning was one of the unique features about the drive I really like.

Why would they get rid of this ability?

No, not really (according to Nero CD-DVD Speed)

I would take overburning over 18x and 10x DL burning anyday. Maybe in a firmware update? Probably not :frowning:

I think at the moment 18x burning speed and an overburn like some examples in the BenQ forum wouldn’t be the best result.
DL overburning wouldn’t be bad, but why worry about that soon you’ll have bluray and hd dvds with much more space and costs! :slight_smile:

Prodisc DVD+R 16x @ 16x

As onwer of a 716 Plextor, i confess to have a good “vibe” about this new unity! :wink:

Very good records, in all media used. Even 18X burns are a good suprised!

For those more concern, its a good prove of habilities of 760…

Can wait, for full review :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

God Job Plextor!


P.S. - I wish Blue Ray & HD fail! :bigsmile: :iagree:

Thanks Jan for preview.

Probably those “vibe’s” are good by the end. :wink:

nice job Jan70! results look very promising so far…

Well done for the early preview, but i am surprised that nobody else has mentioned that in the final part of the burning curve, ie. between 16x and 18x, that the scans, while within limits, all increase considerably? You have to wonder that if the drive used p-cav and topped off at 16X (1) how much time would be saved (10secs at the most) and (2) would the scans then be near perfect (as the 16x later in this thread was)… just a thought.

But if the drive would be only 5 seconds slower at 16x P-CAV compared to 18x CAV they couldn’t sell their 18x burner as an improvement over 16x burning.

By the way I have seen burns with AS enabled 16x that took almost 7 minutes.

RiDisc Xtreme DVD+R 16x @ 16x

Jan: Have you actually ever succeeded in recording a disc faster than the LG 4163B @ 16x P-CAV? When looking at the recording times, the PX-760 has not yet proven to be the fastest drive for dvd+/-r. No that I personally cared about recording times that much, but still, plextor claims it to be the worlds fastest dvd recorder.

By the way I have seen burns with AS enabled 16x that took almost 7 minutes.
Burning a disc type that has not been used before with AS takes a minute or so longer than disc types already known to AS.

Also, sometimes faster doens’t necessary means bether… :wink:

I had such a drive, and I can assure you that the write quality was good at least with Verbatim 16x media (+ and -). I didn’t have TY 16x media in that time.

It didn’t work (at all) with Ritek 16x or, even worse, CMC.

Would be interesting to know how long a 16x burn will take when AS has already learnt to burn it.

Then it’s like without AS