CDFreaks presents: Philips SPD7000BD Blu-ray TripleWriter review



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nice work :clap:

But I disagree with the conclusions about the drive’s CD writing quality, as the drive used for judging about that is half-blind.



poof The review is gone! :eek:

and poof it’s back! :confused:


Hi :slight_smile:
Excellent as ever Jan. :clap: :iagree: :bow: :bigsmile: :cool:


Very nice review, Jan, and the drive looks very interesting. :clap:

The review did play some games with me by suddenly refusing to show any of the pages and then just as suddenly they were all back; must be Gremlins or something!


Good drive. But I guess everybody will wait for cheaper and faster models,
or other solutions (flash memory is cheaper and cheaper, and produces no noise).


Long story short (long version is justification as to why i want to do this) I’m trying to get these things to work on Server 2003 Std. and having a hard time doing so…

Nero simply quits somewhere along the way and the whole box freezes up.

Has anyone succesfully used this drive in a server environment?



Unfortunately it seems Philips has had a change of plans on 50 GB support.

I just received a SPD7000BD and found it only supported 25 GB writes, even with the latest firmware upgrade.

I checked with Philips support if there would be a firmware upgrade for 50 GB and they told me:

“The drive is able to read a Dual Layer disc, but it is only capable of writing to the single layer Blu-Ray disc. The hardware is not able to burn to a Dual layer 50GB disc, so no firmware update will enable that feature.”

Alas. I had bought this drive specifically because I had thought it would support dual-layer Blu-ray writing. But it looks like that isn’t going to happen.


Then bring it back and get your money because you were cheated…


Does anyone have links to updated drivers, I am having trouble getting this drive to work with Vista 64bit.


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BPCJ seems to be the latest firmware for this drive. You can get it at Philips homepage.


New firmware available, now supporting writing on BD-R DL (50 GB) media.

see post: