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Firmware P1.4 firmware has been out a little while - why did you use 1.3 for the review?


Because P1.4 was released after the review was finished.


Hi :slight_smile:
My you’ve been busy Jan70. :bow: Another excellent review :clap: & although I’ve had the opportunity to crossflash 1 of my 1650s’ with the P1.4 f/w. I feel that there’s merit in using f/w supplied. In some reviews f/w used on review drive hasn’t been available to the general public. Nice one. :cool:


Is this basically the same drive as the BenQ DW1650?




OK, thanks.


One more great drive. But since I already own a 1648, I got a 1650 instead (of the 1660).
One thing I haven"t been able to answer is:
Why has BenQ done a 1650 which offers no thing more than the 1640.
and now, why has philips done a 1660 which offers no thing more than the 1648???


I’ve been searching through this forum hoping to
find the difference(s) between the 1640 and the 1650.
I haven’t had any luck, and have been hoping that
one of the folks that own both drives and are technically
savy will enlighten us.
Whatever the answer, I’ve decided I’m going to buy
a DW1650. :slight_smile:


The only reason I mention it is because the 1.4 firmware is supposed to address some of the negatives of the conclusions.


It takes time to do a review and thus he did not have a chance to use p1.4 FW. If you guys feel that the review is doing an injustice to the drive because of the older fw used, feel free to post the scans on the newer firmware. I like the scan on 8X +R Ricoh burnt at 16X.

Thanks Jan for your great work, a very comprehensive review. Any1 wanna post this same drive using BenQ FW side by side with Philips FW?? I wanna see which FW is better


I tried one Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x media, to see if the drive was able to burn both layers at 8x with the new firmware. The result is attached below:


As requested, Ricoh DVD+R 8x at 16x:
SB – On
OS - On


Hardware differences:

Philips DVDR1648 - Nexperia PNX 7860E/G/M1
Philips DVDR1660 - Nexperia PNX 7862EL

Philips DVDR1648 – 5V 1.8A – 12V 1.4A
Philips DVDR1660 – 5V 1.6A – 12V 1.8A

The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) also differ on the two models


Someone covered this a little while back. I seem to recall it was the speed of +/+RW writing. A jump from 6X to 8X or something like that. Definately not anything significant. Same thing for the Philips clones.


Jan, the wrong scan is shown for DAXON016S - you have repeated the DAXON.AZ3 scan

Would be interested to see how the DAXON016S burned :slight_smile:


Thanks Jack :flower:

The right image has been added.


Thanks Jan70 for yet another excellent review. :clap:

Philips DVDR1648 – 5V 1.8A – 12V 1.4A
Philips DVDR1660 – 5V 1.6A – 12V 1.8A
Any information about why the current (ampere) ratings differ, because from what I can see there is no hardware difference (except those mentioned).

BTW, I see you are review coordinator and I have a request; is it possible to implement a divider (a line) between media test results.


Thanks very much for the info. :bow: :slight_smile:


Jan, I forgot to say thanks for a great review :smiley: