CDFreaks presents: Philips DVDR1640P review

I just posted the article CDFreaks presents: Philips DVDR1640P review.

Drive reviewer Jan S. has just finished up a comprehensive review of this latest DVD writer from Philips. The drive lists 16X DVD+R writing and dual layer recording as well at 2.4X…

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As Dan Might agree(I Repeat “Might”) This is probably of more interest to our Eurofreak Friends.

Maybe… but won’t the Benq 1640 be based on this? Will that not make it more universal?

eurofreaks prefer pioneer or nec :wink:

Have to make clarification i meant European CDFreaks members and that they do not necessarly prefer but Phillips products tend to be more European focused although avail everywhere including states (I Agree Cerberus) :slight_smile:

UPDATE - Added two DVD+RW media. Can be found here: