Cdfreaks presents Memorex DVD+/-RWN16 D2 external burner review

This external USB2 + Firewire Memorex DVD burner is based on the NEC ND-3500A.

Comments/questions are welcome!

hmmm, I see the PIF issue, must be the memorex FW. Can we cross-flash this drive to NEC 3500 so we can get better media and firmware support? And is the liteon 1673S drive has the same model number as the NEC based drive? Please lemme know

Actually, I believe the Memorex firmware (2.AD) is the latest and greatest NEC 3500A firmware available. :slight_smile:
Very good media support and compatibility.

The LiteOn 1673S based drive will show up with a different drive ID string.
Usually you can tell the difference beforehand by looking at the product picture on the box.
The LiteOn version will show a drive that has a volume knob and headphone jack located on the front of the drive. The NEC version has no volume knob or headphone jack.

If you want to get the NEC3500, then you need to buy the “16x16 Dual Format External”, model no: 32023288 / part no: 3202-3288.

I would guess that a LiteON based version would have a different model number?

As always a very good review. Unfortunately, it will be of limited value as the internal drive was the discontinued 3500 and most purchasers will probably receive the Liteon 1673. It is too bad Memorex couldn’t provide a current model or at least both variations. There is a huge difference between these two drives.

Sure it was not a nec 3550? :confused: