CDFreaks presents: Lite-On SOHR-5239V CD-RW drive review



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Thanks H3rB3i, not everyday we can read a CD-RW review. :clap:

Just a thought, DrageMester posted a while ago here LiteOn SOHR-5239V not being reliable for C2 errors (E32) scanning at 48x speed.

But then, these facts maybe wasn’t known at the time of review.
BTW, it seems BenQ DW165* is one of the most reliable scanners for CD’ (except for Plextors ofcourse).



very nice to read a review about one of the last CD writers available.
But I don’t like the conclusion “good writing quality”, as that drive is one of the “Kings of Jitter”.
And it is noisy, I would have expected some statement about that.



Taking into consideration that most 52x drives operate at 10.920 RPM’s which don’t make them into a whisperer. Maybe you could list some drive operating at these high RPM’s which are any more silent? (Leaving out the Kenwood 72x, which use another technology and has been EOL for years).


Fuji CD-RW made by Ritek
A 19X typo?

True to my experience, Ultra CD-RW can’t burn well on most burners. They are readable, but not scanable :bigsmile:


Wow. Nice to see another CD-RW review, made with today’s standards :slight_smile:
They’re still quite useful for special applications.

Another small typo: It’s In[U]t[/U]roduction and not [I]Inroduction[/I]. :wink:



I may be wrong, but 48x isn’t very much slower. But my DVD writers are - although not whispering - not that noisy. Or the noise of them isn’t that annoying :slight_smile: