CDfreaks Presents Lite-On LVW-5045 HDD+DVD Recorder

I just posted the article CDfreaks Presents Lite-On LVW-5045 HDD+DVD Recorder.

 Sean our well known and long time  news poster for cdfreaks has decided to take a small break from news posting  and decided to do some hardware reviewing instead. Sean has had...
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Great review Sean. I might have to pick this thing up. I’m sick of my LVW-5005 not recording TV in stereo. :frowning:

Better get a good one :wink: Panasonic, Pioneer, JVC or Sony

Good to see Good old british Fawlty Towers as the review material. nearly 30 years old, but still fantastic, not sure if its the best digital review source though :wink:

Well, I didn’t actually care what image was shown in the background while I took the regular screenshots, but it looked better than a plain black background. However when it came to the picture quality tests on the ‘Advanced Tests’ page, I actually went through quite a lot of content to find something suitable. The close-up of the dog was a good test as the whiskers and fur texture makes it quite straightforward to compare the different recording modes. Maybe you’ll recognise where I got these two scenes from :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wanted to say a big THANKS for the great review! Has all the info anyone could (should) possibly need to make a informed purchase. RoC