CDFreaks presents: Lite-On LH-20A1P AllWrite DVD-Writer Preview



You can find it here:

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Thanks Jan70
Can you try to read an 8X +R disc that was set to DVD-ROM and see if it will read it at 16X. I have that problem with my 20A1P drive and so do others. It will only read at 12X.


Hi :slight_smile:
Nice one Jan. :clap: :bow: :iagree: :bigsmile:


Thanks Jan70. :bow: Another great review. :clap:

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Interesting, my LH-18A1P is made sept.-06 and the “inside” is very similar to drive examined here. :wink:
Note, had to post jpeg pic because .png got much too large in size.


Good overview and better performance than I was expecting.

In general can you assume that the performance on this model would be the same for the LH-20A1H? If I understand correctly the base drive and components are the same and the only difference is the Lightscribe feature.

Thanks again.


Nice Preview- :clap:
Can’t wait to see the full review with quality scans and comments on the drives burn quality. :wink:


the drive looks awesome…nice preview Jan

when will this be available in the us?


Blodulv, the writer is already selling in the US.


wow really… :doh: i had no idea…thanks

this is it right?:


thanks for a great preview… i have one question though…
in the drivespecs/features listed in the preview, lite-on claims that this device supports: Raw Mode Burning & Over-Burn

however liteon mentions nothing about overburning on their american website here:

so to the question… does someone here know if the LH-20A1P can overburn DVD+R’s?
(perhaps lite-on’s information is misleading, and perhaps they only reffer to over burning CD-R’s)


Hi :slight_smile:
Not quite, that’s the LS version.LH-20A1H
What’s here is LH-20A1P.
See this one:


Thanks for the nice preview, Jan! :flower: :clap:

Now I have to see if there’s somewat I can convince myself why I shouldn’t get this drive, like uh… I’ve already got more drives than I can handle, but I will probably cave the instant it becomes available in Danish shops. :bigsmile:


oh ok…so its the same except the link i gave had LS?


I own this drive and, so far it’s perfect, fast and quiet.
It’s been backing up DVDs, used once to burn a CD-R, and there haven’t been any problems.
Some of the customer reviews at newegg are just wrong.
If you buy an OEM drive you don’t get to complain that it doesn’t come with cables or software.
In one case it seems the buyer got a bad drive that a firmware update isn’t going to fix.


Thanks Jan70. :flower: Some excellent results from all media types and at some very high burn speeds. :slight_smile:


yeah i never trust newegg feedback on burners…thats what this place is for :slight_smile:


The picture is of a retail version?
Retail version contains all 3 mask colors?

Thank you!


nice review,but why again ‘advance’ test drop out??

wondering why that test is time to time drop out…,example never or maybe once for plextor drives.

is it possible that it include ALL review,plz & tx

so,can you do that test example Liteon new blu-ray drive?



Yes, it is the retail version and it contains 3 Bezels in the colours Beige, Silver and Black.<O:p</O:p


Ok, thanks a lot!
I’ve asked because in Italy some shops says there are only Black and Beige bezels in retail version! :sad: