CDFreaks presents Lite-On EZ-DUB SHW-1635SU review

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8x/16x DVD+RW/DVD-RW

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Thanks Jan. :slight_smile:

What an excellent idea and pretty cool looking as well. :smiley:

Hmm… There’s something strange in PIE/PIF scans.

Let’s look at some scans:

There’s total PIF count 4806 and average value of 0.04 (should be about 0.27)

There’s total PIF count 371 and average value of 0.02 (as it should be)

There’s total PIF count 1656 and average value of 0.01 (should be 0.09)

There’s total PIF count 924 and average value of 0.05 (as it should be)

I’ve look at my own scans (done with KProbe 2.4.3 and SOHW-1693S KS0B) - all have average PIF count calculated using following formula:

Average PIF = K * Total PIF count / (Scanned range / 128)

K - some coefficient which depends of average sampling interval, i.e. Scanned Range / Samples Count value. For example, it is about 1.02 for average sampling interval about 17.90 sectors and about 1.07 for average sampling interval about 17.45 sectors (it can be approximated as line with equation K = 1.119 - 0.1087 * (average scanning interval - 17) for range [17.3;18.0])

(Scanned range / 128) - total count of 8 ECC blocks groups