CDFreaks presents: LG GSA-H22N 18x Super Multi DVD Burner Review

Posted today, December 18, 2006, and found here: LG GSA-H22N Super Multi DVD Burner Review

Our impressions of this drive are very favorable, with some relatively minor exceptions that you will find in the review.

You are welcome to comment on the review and the drive in this thread.

Thank you and congratulations on your first review! :slight_smile:


I just purchased one and it worked beautifully until I tried to burn a bootable ISO image to CD-RW-Verbatim, or any of three others I tried, including CD+RW. Nero 7 Ultra gives me a hardware error and cannot complete disk at once so burn fails. But, I can burn that same ISO to a bootable DVD+RW or any other DVD/ -R/-RW/+R etc. no problem. Here’s anyother kicker; I can burn that same ISO to any CD/ -/+RW, as DAO if I burn it as data backup-a multisession or no multisession burn, with no errors; not bootable. The Nero Error log and InfoTool save are attached. Because I need this function I purchased a Plextor 760a to replace the H22N. If I can get the H22N to operate correctly I will install again as secondary slave to the Plextor. Anyone have any ideas?

ISO_DAO_Nero_Error_Log_H22N.txt (6.52 KB)

very good, very good. ya didn’t include the 12x burn curve. what does it use?

side note, are ya using vista?

Great review, Agent009 :slight_smile:

Looks like another great LG-writer, hope u make a review for the LG-H1x or H4x-series with Renesas soon :slight_smile:

Yes. As you can see, everything from KProbe to Nero Burning ROM works fine. It is not that different from XP.

Nice review, thank you.

Great review and sounds like a winner. I just ordered a Benq DW1655 and was about to order a Pioneer 111, to run with it when i read this review. I think i might get this LG H22N instead of the Pioneer 111. I burn alot of cd r.

is there an updated f/w for this drive or is it still at v1.0?

The drives are already shipping with firmware 1.01 but as far as we know it is not available for download yet.

Has anyone checked with LG’s auto-update program ?

someone has
the answer is no.

Nice review, agent009! :slight_smile:

The drive supports booktype bitsetting as can be seen in the review on this page, but does the drive bitset automatically to DVD-ROM once the setting has been set, or is it necessary for the user or burning application to perform the bitsetting every time a DVD+R is recorded?

In other words, does the drive “forget” the booktype setting after the discs has been burned, or does it “remember” the preferred booktype until the user changes it again?

ok, i just bought elder scrolls 4 oblivion, but i have one BIG problem. i have this DVD drive, and when i go to install it, the installer cant acess the file setup.isn, and im guessing it wont acess any others after that. so, i tried to find drivers, which there arnt any other than the windows ones and mine didnt come with a cd, so im guessing there arnt any. i have windows XP pro, and two DVD drives. i tried it in the other drive, and it didnt work either. Im not sure if it is the game or not. Also, the game is a DVD, in case you didnt know. So, i have no idea what to do! so can someone please help me? I really want to play it lol


The DVD-ROM setting is ‘sticky’ and survives system reboots.

You don’t need to install any drivers for this drive to function in Windows XP.

This sounds like a disc issue.

Dear all,

I have recently purchased a writer in Hungary from a small shop (without any driver cd). I tried to install it but it does not function.
I have a CD writer in the PC, thus I tried to add the DVD writer first as slave than as master, but it does not function. The led is flashing when I introduce a Cd or DVD in it, but it does not see anything on them.
Has any of you a clue what the problem is?
I have already tried to search for a driver, to update it, but could not find one.
Could any of you send me the driver?
Thank you in advance.

Best wishes,

I’ve got my mouse cursor hovering above the Newegg Checkout button, ready to purchace this drive…but I’m gonna keep cool…need more info :slight_smile:

It’s a good drive, you shouldn’t hesitate.

Of course, there is always something better around the corner. H50N, a similar drive with 10x +R DL burning has already showed up in one U.S. distributor database, so it is coming in a matter of weeks.

ok, i went and got a new one, did a replacement, and still coudnt install it. it stops at the same file, setup.isn, and when i go to view all the files on the dvd, i can only see the autorun file. so do u have any ideas as to why my computer wont see it? i tried it in both of my dvd drives, and got the same thing. is it something with my windows or what? also i tried another dvd rom game with it, and it worked when i installed it. i even tried a few dvd movies, and they worked also. I have no idea what to do!