Cdfreaks presents LG GSA-5163D review

Check it out here:

What I did like:
Writing speed at 16x and writing quality with almost every disc.
Almost everything else :slight_smile: Quiet operation, few problems etc!

What I did not like:
-LG shows VERY LITTLE interest in adding support for unsupported media (AML, Plasmon, Daxon, Mitsubishi/Verbatim, Interaxia is among the media that did not work at certified speed).
-Drive do not support error scanning like many other drives do.

Post comments/suggestions here. You may even use this thread to request additional tests.

My scores for this drive (read my signature):

1: 9 out of 10. Excellent, but could still be slightly better.
2: 7 out of 10. Very little media overspeeding and media compatibility could be improved.
3: 9.5 out of 10. Worlds fastest DVD-Writer, but P-CAV at lower speeds than 16x would have been nice. Also higher CD-R/RW writing would have been nice.
4: 8 out of 10. Good, but nothing special.
5: 9 out of 10. Many features, bitsetting, DVD-RAM etc. but lacks disc quality checking abilities.
6: 8 out of 10. Average, but could be better. For example at writing 99min discs.
7: 9 out of 10. Good bundle both documentation and programs, but lacks empty media in the package.
8: 10 out of 10. Very gool looking, solid, all in all very well made. Also very quiet in operation. Can’t think of anything that could be improved.

Overall: 9 out of 10.

Thanks for another LG review. It’s the fourth LG DVD writer review at and the third since the 4040B. I hope GSA-4165 and GSA-5165 reviews can be prepared as well.

P-CAV at lower speeds seems to work when writing to 16x certified media at 8x or 12x, also resulting in shorter writing time. (From Alexnoe’s posts.)

I am always happy to read review that support my purchase decisions (who isn’t). This review was very complete and I enjoyed reading it. Much thanks.

Good review! I was suprised LG came up with a new drive, the 4163 isn’t THAT old yet. I don’t understand why they did make a new drive? Faster dvd-ram perhaps, didn’t saw it, faster reading speeds, also didn’t see it. MCC 003 writes at 12X on my LG4163 wit fw A03, and here it only does 6X.
I like my LG drive and I’m actually happy this drive hasn’t much extra’s compared to the previous one, I don’t need to upgrade :). For people who don’t have a LG drive yet and also want dvd-ram, this is it. Although Nec will support the dvd-ram media too soon with their newest drive.

Which new drive? 4165? 4163 was first produced in August 2004. 4120 was first produced in 1Q 2004. It makes sense LG now has 4165 ready, but then it’s not that much of an improvement from 4120 to 4165 for the last one year, just 12x to 16x, or from 7:xx to 5:xx.

A fine review.

I guees it’s time to add a LG burner to my collection.

I noticed that KProbe scan were made with different firmware versions.

Any reason for that.

No - there just came a new version for my SOHW-1653S while I was working on the review. To my testing there is no differences in scanning abilities - so it does not matter.

Or was it different LG firmware you had in mind? A few discs were re-done with firmware A103 on request from LG. These is marked as re-done with A103.

It was at the LiteON 1653S.

1653S CS09 20-01-2005

1653S CSTC 25-01-2005

1653S CV1Y 31-01-2005

1653S CSTJ 27-02-2005

1653S CS0J 15-03-2005

5 different F/W versions.

And a 1673S used for a couple off +/- RW scans.

Just wondered if there were a reason, or just the F/W you actually used at the time.

1653S can’t read 8x DVD+RW and 6x DVD-RW - that is why I had to use the 1673S for those.

Well - playing with new firmwares is always fun :wink: Right now I have CS0K on my 1653S.

I just used the firmware that I had on my 1653S when I did the test - since I’ve not noticed differences in scanning capabilities between different firmware versions for the later Lite-On drives (812S or newer).

Thank you for the answer OC-Freak.

Yes it’s fun to play with different F/W.

Same here. Since at least CS02, my Lite-On drives have scanned very consistently. I also have CS0K on this SOHW-1613S. :slight_smile:

Can´t read it? I thought the 1653 can´t write that media :rolleyes:

Most DVD-Recorders can’t read 6x DVD-RW and 8x DVD+RW - even if there is data on them, yes even if the disc is finalized.

So to read them you need a drive with firmware supporting 8x DVD+RW and 6x DVD-RW or a DVD-ROM/combo drive.

Oh, I don´t know that.

But my next writer supports 8x+RW and 6x-RW or higher :slight_smile:


Ooops :stuck_out_tongue: That positive point should refer more to subchannel data from data tracks (protected discs), I’ll remove that point from the conclusion as it may be confusing.

Hehe, got you. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Yep, this way it’s a bit confusing, but a good review as always.

Man - I just bought a 5163D, and now you tell me there’s a 5165? What’s the difference in the new model?

I think the 4165 has Lightscribe and DVD-R DL