CDFreaks presents: LG GSA-4167B review

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Is this drive quiet?

yes, it is!

Great review again, Jan :slight_smile:

I´m impressed about the very good writing-quality with most media. It looks like a hard competitor for Benq and NEC

thanks for the review, looks like a very nice burner. i`am getting a new pc next week with 1 of these babys in :slight_smile:

Finally. :bow:

It was interesting to see a couple of infodisc blanks been used in this review. They are the manufacturer that LG have been using for their discs. Made in Korea. I have had excellent results with them.
I think I may have to upgrade my old 4160 to a 4167.

I have a spindle of made in taiwan Fuji dvds…They’re not recognized by the LG4167b

hi, any chance to see Ritek G05 with this burner ?

These wouldn’t happen to be Fuji DVD-R 8X? From Futureshop or Best Buy perhaps?

I bought a spingle (100pcs) of these but have yet to use them… :o

Our drive came shipped with firmware DL10, which was later updated to DL11 and DL12.

which firmware was used to burn dvd-r and dvd+r media?

habsfan9 have you found any media to work as I can’t get it to recognize any blank dvd’s

Yeah… IT’s the FUJI spindle from Futureshop … 100 for $29.95 (I believe… It was a couple of months ago, that I bought 'em)

I have a RiData 8x that work perfectly… I prefer my Benq 1620 though… Faster!

Also, there are these crappy OSI Media (Fake TY02 coded) that are recognized and burn fine…But, it’s garbage cd… Skips like crazy!

Wow… I don’t know what jus thappened… But, once I took my garbage OSI Media cd out and put a Fuji cd in there, it somehow magically detected it… I will test it out and let you know…

It says ProdiskF01 as the MID.

Hi, Im new in this forum, I hope you can help me, I have just buy the gsa-4167b and i installed the dl12 firmware, and I need to know how to change it to a region free dvd, because when I want to see any dvd diferent than region 1, it asks me for a region change and i have only 4 opportunities to do so.
Thanks in advance. Greetings.

Dont known if it is allow if not mod delete thanks.
RAYARAINBOW here you will find what you need.

Yes, it’s no problem.
We like those crazy Dangerous Bros. :wink:

Are there 2 versions of the 4167, with and without DVD-RAM writing capability? Right now Newegg has one for $37.99 but it’s listed as “5X DVD-RAM READ”. The other one is $46.99 and has under the specs a 5X DVD-RAM write.

Jan, did you use DL11 or DL12 when doing the +R and -R tests??? :slight_smile: