CDFreaks presents: LG GH22LP20 22x Super Multi DVD Writer Review



This is LG’s latest DVD Writer; 22X write on select 16X certified media.

You may read the review here:

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I hope LG will wake up with a winner someday. I hope also that I could find this to buy but it doesn’t seem that good. Very high jitter.


Very good review, also the drive looks promising.


Nice catch Vroom

Got-r-fixed; thanks


Very good review, seems to be a nice burner.

Small typo in conclusion: CR-RW and DVD±RW writing quality could be improved.


Excellent review Kip.

This drive really shows some promise. Have you done any 16x burns you could show us? Would be really interested in seeing a few as that is what I burn at :slight_smile:


Thanks Kipper for the review i have this drive it work’s good on verbatim and lousy on ricoh jpn,i thank it need’s firmware update and read speed unlocked then it might be alright.


Thanks Kipper, nice review. Just one question : Do you (or someone) know what chipset does this drive have? I know that it uses a Panasonic chipset, but it’s the same from the H55L or it’s different?


I will have to look a little deeper; for now I can confirm that they both use the Panasonic chipset but not sure if it’s a little different or not.



GSA-H55N [sister to the H55L] [click the link in the post]:

Historically, changes in the main part of a drive model number [eg GSA-H[B]2[/B]0 to GSA-H[B]5[/B]0, GSA-H[B]1[/B]0 to GSA-H[B]4[/B]0] signify a difference in the chipset model. And there is a BIG difference in the whole model number between the two. :bigsmile:


Thanks Albert

Just in time to save me the hassle, I was going to dig out my H55 and take it along with the GH22 apart and scan the chip.


Hope soon will also got the review for the LG GH22NP too.


Can the GH20LP20 be crossflashed to this drive?


[QUOTE=pfloyd1;2154396]Can the GH20LP20 be crossflashed to this drive?[/QUOTE]

Not sure; you might want to start a thread about crossflashing this drive in the LG Burner forum.


All I need is the firmware and I’ll take the chance and crossflash.


[QUOTE=pfloyd1;2154451]All I need is the firmware and I’ll take the chance and crossflash.[/QUOTE]

As of now, LG has not released any firmware updates for this drive, so keep your eyes open.


Got the firmware, but it says invalid firmware. Need a different flasher?


New Member, sorry if I’m in the wrong thread but I need some help. :o I pulled an old and faulty Samsung CD RW out and put the LG GH22LP20 22x Super Multi DVD in it’s place (slave position) in my Dell (XP Pro). The computer still sees the drive as a Samsung. I deleted it from the hardware list trying to make it autofind the correct info for the drive and it finds it again right away but it still calls it a Samsung. I haven’t tested all the functionality but at this point it is reading the user’s manual CD. Is this drive just going to show up as a Samsung?


What’s the difference between GH22LP20 and GH22[B]NP[/B]20?
Are firmwares compatible?


LP i do belive is LightScribe, the other isnt.