CDFreaks Presents: INOi Digital Media Player HV355U-00080 Review

CDFreaks presents: INOi Digital Media Player HV355U-00080 Review

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Thanks for the review MegaDETH! :wink:

I think this is a very interesting hardware, you can backup all your movies into this drive and play them back anytime you want and keep the original discs safe.

From the review:

We then named the subtitle files that same as our video file but with the appropriate file extension (i.e. and copied it to the same location as the video file test_subs.avi. Again we played the video file and the subtitles showed up perfectly in just the spots we had added them.

A picture is better than a thousand words. You say the subtitles showed up perfectly. What do you mean by “perfectly”? Where the sutbtitles positioned at a correct height? What about size? What about outline, etc?

Media players capable of showing subtitles are a dime a dozen. Devices showing good subtitles are very, very scarce, indeed.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I literally took 100’s of pictures of my TV set with videos playing and none of them would turn out.

I am not a subtitle guru so maybe your definition of “perfect” will be different.

Anyway I made subtitles and they showed up on the screen (middle bottom). When you make your own subtitles you select the size and position, at leased with the software I used you could and this was the first time I had ever used it, seemed to work perfect.

I see. Well, the idea is not to make subtitles but, for example, to use ready made ones, normally with the .srt extension. These are 100% text files. You don’t do nothing: just place the .avi and .srt on the disc and that’s it. This is were almost all media players choke, i.e. they show very sub-standard subtitles: very small, not correctly positioned (too high, for example), without adequate outline (they disappear on white backgrounds, ugly looking font, etc, etc.

I see, sorry I didn’t try any pre-made subtitles in the review, didn’t even know about them.

What kind of TV did you test this unit on? I’m just curious how well this unit runs at high definitions. I was searching around and it didn’t say much when used on TVs with 720p, 1080i, etc. Thanks.

I used just a regular 27" TV, INOi has a new version coming out with Video & Photo upscaling to 720p and larger storage sizes.

How does it handle DVD files? Do you have to select the individual .vob files to play? Can it handle DVDs in .ISO format?

Does it really require all the folders you’ve specified. Similar units such as the Galaxy allows you to dump all videos of all types in a “movie” folder and and nestled folders below that. The unit sorts out playing from there.

The proprietary component video connection on the back of the unit is sure a negative in my books. On a business trip recently, I fogrot to pack the component cables. A quick trip to WalMart solved that problem, but it appears that is not the case with this unit.

It can handle .vob files in 2 ways, it can play them separate or if you have them in a TS_VIDEO folder ripped from a DVD it will play them just like a DVD.

You don’t need to make any folders if you don’t want, I just did it to keep things in order and yes you can make as many sub folders as you want.

While browsing the Video and Photo files… Will you able to view as thumbnail? or just file name?

Thanks a lot in advance,

If I remember correctly the Photos have Thumbnails but the Videos do not.