CDFreaks Presents: Game Jackal Pro 3: Review

You can find the review on the frontpage here.

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Also since the review was done 2 newer versions have been released.

Release v3.0.0.8 - release (2008-03-10)

[li]Driver bug fixe that could cause issues with games crashing.[/li][li]Tighter scanning for DVD based games during capture. This is to improves game start up performance. Please note that this has the side effect of increasing the profiling time.[/li][li]Interface tweaks.[/li][li]Language updates.[/ul] [/li]Release v3.0.0.7 - release (2008-03-01)

[li]Driver change to prevent “Insert CD/DVD” error.[/li][li]Added additional “Game Management” options to support 64-bit games. When running 64-bit versions of a game, Game Management should be set to “Limited support”.[/li][*]Updated the BattleField plugin.[/ul]

Release v3.0.1.0 - release (2008-03-25) [ul]
[li]Improved handling of 64-bit games.[/li][li]Improved language support.[/li][li]Improved logging. All log files for a single operation are now summarized into a single file (Summary.log)[/li][li]Fixed an issue that prevented the export dialog from closing if an error occurred.[/li][li]Fixed bug when importing a profile on a 64-bit platform.[/ul][/li][RIGHT][/RIGHT]