CDFreaks presents: Conceptronic Media Giant Pro review

The Media Giant is a combination of a Digital Video Recorder and a HD Network Media Player. It can record from TV, DV, component and composite and play back a variety of video formats including DVD ISO images and folders, XviD/DivX video (including HD) and MPEG 1/2 video. It can also stream via the network and the electrical mains.

DV and USB inputs are on the front.

To see how it performs, please head over to the full review here.

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Update: The review sample has been returned, so no further tests can be carried out.

Seán, very in depth and informative review!

Thank you for taking so much time to go through all the features :flower:

Great review Seán. Makes me want to move overseas to get one…

Hello this is very complete and interesting test. Thanks for it.

Is it possible to have some internal hardware pic of it? What chips used? It’s for comparaison with one other clone and see what’s difference between the 2 model.
What i need :
tuner model
is there extra chip for ethernet or it’s built in rtd1262
is there extra chip for hdmi?
can you make uname -a to see all information about linux kernel used?
remote model

Welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

The TV tuner model is FQ1216LME/I V-5. This unit I reviewed is the analogue model, so I’m not sure what TV tuner would be in the DVB-T model.

As far as I can tell, the only extra chip for the Ethernet is an isolation chip, model TS8121C.

There does not seem to be any extra chip for HDMI, at least that I can see.

I’m not sure what you mean by the remote model, but you can see the remote control on the introduction page.

The following is the picture of the Realtek chip:

The hard disk in this model is a Samsung SATA 500GB 7200RPM 16MB cache, model HD502IJ

This product needs to be returned, so if there any other tests you or anyone else would like me to carry out, please let me know by Tuesday afternoon (Irish time).

Hello tanks for this.If it’s possible tel me what partition created by default and how much flash memory is in.

The TS8121C is not ethernet chip but just isolation transformer

I compare this model with S800

Thanks a lot

The default partitions are as follows:

Primary Partitions:
115.34GB FAT32
4.01GB Unknown (Its Timeshift)
230.64GB Unknown (Its recordings partition)

Extended Partitions:
165MB Unknown
165MB Unknown
115.44GB NTFS

When manually formatting the hard disk on the Media Giant, the sizes can be specified for the Timeshift, Recording, FAT32 and NTFS partitions. The above are the default if the user does not specify partitions, at least on this 500GB model.

I’m not sure off hand where the flash chip is located. There are a few flat metal bars holding the parts inside and I didn’t feel comfortable taking dismantling these to see what’s below them in case something goes wrong, especially since the company needs this unit returned. For example, I had to take out the PowerPlug (network over power) circuit board to reveal the Realtek chip.

Ok Thank’s a lot for these technical information.
Last point is how do you feel the reactivity of the remote in interface.
Do you feel it reactive? (ex when you press menu the menu show instantly).

See you.

The remote control response varies quite a lot depending on what I was doing. For changing channels, volume and navigating up/down on a menu, it responds immediately. It takes about 2 seconds to change from menu to menu after I press a button. Exiting and entering a menu takes the longest at around 4 to 5 seconds. The slowest response is when setting up a timer, where I actually have to keep the key held down for a second or two for the player to respond (i.e. where it’s ACK LED blinks). I’ve also mentioned about the remote responsiveness a few times in the review, so it’s worth doing a search on each page for ‘slow’ or ‘remote’ and you should find the spots. :wink:

Another test I tried was playing an AVI with a DTS soundtrack, something I forgot about during the review. With the coaxial audio output connected to my digital audio decoder, the sound played fine and going by its display, the Media Giant passes out the DTS bitstream for the decoder to decode:

I tried again with just the analogue RCA audio outputs connected and got no sound when I played the same AVI file, so the Media Giant does not have internal DTS decoding.

The final test I tried is an energy usage test, which is something important for those concerned about energy usage:

[li]Playing video - 30 watts[/li][li]Title screen (after HDD spins down) - 25 watts[/li][li]Standby (after HDD spins down) - 23 watts (0.55 kWh / day)[/li][/ul]

I do find its Standby energy usage rather excessive, considering this is the equivalent to running a 1kW electric bar heater for 30 minutes a day.