CDFreaks presents ADS LL5-DLX-185 Dual Link Drive Kit review

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Hm. The case is exxtremely DVD-unfriendly. :sad:

That is sad…
The main negative points: The ADS Dual Link Drive Kit had some serious issues with our optical drives. It could not support full speed 16x DVD reading via Firewire. It had even more trouble attempting full speed 16x DVD reading via USB 2.0. It could not support a stable DVDR writing process at faster than 8x speed, via Firewire connection. We were also very disappointed to see that USB 2.0 DVDR writing speed topped out at a measly 4x! The ADS Dual Link Drive Kit does not come anywhere near the advertised 35 MB/s sustained data transfer rates with an optical CD/DVD drive installed inside of it.

they advertise 35MB/s SUSTAINED data rates? LOL…that’s funny.

In fact most of the 5,25" external enclosures behave the same when a high speed optical drive inserted. Manufacturers should choose a chipset more carefully keeping DVD burners in mind as well. It’s sad that they don’t care or stick to the cheaper chipset anyway. :Z

It’s taken me 6-9 months to iron out external cases.

It appears that the Oxford 911 (used in both the ADS and Belkin units I tested) can’t support UMDA-2. It appears they only support multi-word DMA under WinXP/SP2.

The only cases I have gotten to work are equipped with a Prolific PL-3507 ChipSet.

Tech Support from both ADS and Belkin were of no help. I think they know about the problem !!!

I have 2 Bytecc dual-link cases. One is Oxford and the other is Prolific. The Oxford will do 16x burns and reads on Firewire, and 12x on USB2. I haven’t really tested the Prolific with optical, maybe I’ll do that.

Here they are, daisy-chained. The oxford has a Seagate HD in it, which benchmarks at around 30MB/sec sustained on Firewire, 20MB/sec on USB2.

Sounds interesting, because they work fine with a HD (30-32 MB/s). I guess that speed needs UDMA. :confused: