Cdfreaks presents a preview of 16x DVD+R writing with the BenQ DW1600A!

Well, there you have it - cdfreaks presents some worldwide exclusive 16x DVD-Writing tests using a pre-release BenQ DW1600A DVD-Writer!

Read the entire article here:

Enjoy! And as always comments welcomed!

I will probably make a full review of this drive when the firmware is improved a bit. (Yes - I’ve found some compatibility issues that I need to discuss with BenQ and solve first).

16x?! mmmmm… :slight_smile:


I’ll say thanks to BenQ for the speedy shipping of the prerelease sample! Guess we surprised some other websites by being first. :stuck_out_tongue:

The 16x results you got are slower than the 12x results Ian got on the PX-712… Looks like Benq has some stuff to patch up.

Ian got 6.15 in CD-speed for the Plextor, OC-freak got 6.07 for the BenQ so it’s faster although not much… But that’s of course because of the WOPC technique the BenQ uses that adjusts the speed and laser all the time to achieve maximum quality and speed. The Plextor basically drops the speed completely when it feels it’s burning a less than perfect disc so it seems to be only that fast when burning TY… Check OC-freak’s CD speed graphs in this thread and you’ll see that few discs burn without these speed drops.
I’m sure there will be faster 16x burners but what good is a minute faster burning time if the write quality sucks?

I’m sure there will be faster 16x burners

Not likely, unless you eliminate the OPC. The rotational speed is at the max at 16x CAV, so the only way to improve times will be in the lead-in / lead-out times and OPC checks. The differences will be small. At 12x the differences are in how fast the drive ramps up to 12x, which again is limited by the max rotational speeds. Ultimately many folks will wind up burning at 12x instead of 16x to preserve quality, because the times will be very close. At 16x, the Benq actually reaches 12x much sooner than the Plex does at 12x, but OC didn’t post any 12x tests on the Benq to see if it follows the same curve at 12 max burn speed.
In any case, differences will driven more by the media than the drive. One drive will burn a given media at higher speed than another, and that’s where we should be looking for the true definition of speed. It does no good to claim a speed advantage if the drive only does it on one type of media, or if it constantly slows the burn speed mid-burn due to OPC intervention.

The NEC 2500 is one of the best burners around at present, but you don’t see anyone complaining about the fact that it’s also one of the “slowest” at 8x. That’s because it truly does burn at 8x on most all media (thanks to Herrie), and doesn’t slow down mid-burn, so in effect it’s faster than the “faster” drives on most media. (assuming they even allow 8x in the first place).

He has 5:50 on the table. Either way, not a huge difference. Everyone was going to skip 12x, and now everyone is releasing 12x drives, Plextor, Sony, Lite-On, OptoRite…

I think 16x won’t be much, like say, the difference between 48x & 52x CD-R. Not much.
16x was going to be the speed to upgrade to from 8x, but now it looks like 12x is…

so overrall this drive is the best when comparing with other drive? i mean quality no in speed

how about - burning capability, is it going to be a firmware free upgrade or need to pay or not going to be supported at all?

thank you


But he doesn’t burn a full disc (for some reason) in those tests. Check his picture of the CD speed graph here instead and compare with OC-freak’s at the first page in the preview.

Or just use a bit different OPC technique. With “perfect discs” for example Plextor’s coming 16x drive with their PoweRec will likely be faster than the BenQ with its WOPC. Some drives should be able to reach about 5.30 for a full disc.


It’s free as far as read in the news.

Reading the graphics of PX-712 and 1600A. the writing mode seem different (PX-712 is CAV + CLV, and 1600A is CAV to 16X). Reading the slope and the point they reach the 12x, PX-712 reach at 2.5GB and 1600A reach at 2GB. So guess it be possible that if using 1600A buring @12x, it will turn CLV eariler than PX-712, therefore may be faster. Can OC try it?

I saw most of 16x DVDROM are using CAV, may it be the must of 16x DVD using CAV because of motor high rotation speed?

may it be the must of 16x DVD using CAV because of motor high rotation speed?

Exactly. It runs 6x to 16x with conatant RPM. The RPM is maxed out in terms of the physical limitations of the drive and the discs. You don’t want exploding discs or burned out drives, so that is the fastest speed we will ever see. It’s also likely to be physically impossible to accurately read a DVD at faster linear speeds, the data is too dense for faster reading/burning, and the hardware is at it’s limits for accuracy (servo and spindle stability).

As requested, here is writing a ricoh 8x @ 12x.

12x is reached at 2.0Gb.

And here is the PERFECT K-Probe result.

As well as a perfect reading curve at 16x reading speed!

And here is a media list I got from BenQ on media that is currently supported at 16x or 12x.

Brand ID certified speed - supported speed.
Philips C16 16x - 16x
TAIYO YUDEN T02 8x - 16x
SONY D11 8x - 16x (not surprising as sony media is made by Daxon and daxon is working closely with BenQ as both were part of Acer som time back - Daxon also make much philips media - probably also the philips 16x media shown above).
LeadData S03 8x - 16x
TDK 002 8x - 16x
Philips C08 8x - 12x (made by CMC Magnetics!)
Maxell R02 8x - 12x
BeAll P80 8x - 12x
Plasmon C01 8x - 12x
RicohJPN R02 8x 12x

People bought 52x CD writers despite that they knew 52x CD writing is not actually that faster than 32x or 40x CD writing. 16x DVD writers will replace most of the current 8x and 12x drives and also introduce at least several times more new DVD writer users into the market. That’s why most, if not all, DVD writer manufacturers are concentrating on 16x drives instead of 12x. The difference in total recording time is not the only factor. Even with idential feature set beside the 16x writing speed for DVD+R SL, more people will choose 16x over 12x and 8x among the newcomers.

However, I expected at least 5:xx minute performance for 16x DVD+R SL writing. I’m going to continue to write my DVD disks at 2x to 8x for some time to come. :iagree:

Good work, BenQ and Philips! Thank you for the review, OCFreak!