Cdfreaks needs a new Domain!

Since cdfreaks is not just the place to find information concerning CD, but also now the domain of DVD writers and all things technical as well, should cdfreaks change it’s name, and hence Domain?


I think we should keep it as is. As Abe Lincoln said, dont change your horse midstream.

No need to fix it unless it’s broken.

If the name gets too old, or gets a bad reputation (doubt it!), then maybe the name should be changed.

The name works now - no need to change it:)

Although I’ve thought of the exact same thing, CD Freaks is well known and would probabaly lose some traffic if they changed.

Is it CDFreaks or CD Freaks?

Probably depends who you ask.

On the forums it’s CD Freak in all the forum headers.

Club CD Freaks - Knowledge is Power

BUT the gfx is cdfreaks

I tend to go with CD Freaks myself. I think the referal to cdfreaks is just the domain name. You can’t have spaces in a domain name so: cdfreaks.

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Is it CDFreaks or CD Freaks?
It even can be called CDF in one’s own way. But what difference does it make anyway ?

What’s in a name?

Well if you are into marketing… everything! (I’m not, by the way).

Lets look at some key features:-

  1. Name is a proper noun (ie a name) not a description or category name (like or As such it is memorable and sticks in people’s minds.

  2. It is short, spelt like it sounds and easy to type. A critical element in word-of-mouth communication of URLs and when your puter dies and you lose your Favourtes / Bookmarks.

  3. It relates (mainly) to a topic or specialist market segment. ie. those reflective 12cm drink coasters :wink: Obviously, as a forum, it diverges into other areas, but its specialty is CDs, DVDs and related matters.

  4. It is well known globally and easy to trip over when Googling for information on its subject areas. This is based on observing the places that I notice members are located and a statement by Dominator that the site gets 120K hits per day… That’s pretty popular.

Now having all these advantages, look at what big companies have to do when they change their name… spend big on marketing to educate their customers and potential customers that their new name is just that and they still really do what they did before, and please remember our new name because we spent so much money changing it:rolleyes:

With all this going for it, I think that it needs a pretty compelling reason to be found to require a change.