CDFreaks Interviews Digital Storage Reps – time for MSI!

Have you ever wondered what your favorite company is up to? :iagree: Would you like to know more about their decisions, (new) products and background information? Now you can! CD Freaks is organizing a series of interviews with digital storage related persons. The coming time we will ask them what you want to know!

Here some examples of types of questions you could ask:

[li]Current products
[/li][li]New products
[/li][li]Company information
[/li][li]Market details / outlook
[/li][li]Future opportunities
[/li][li]Personal questions for the person
What’s next?
This week we will ask questions to MSI.

Please post your questions below in this thread. Two weeks later, all questions will be collected. We pick the best ones and report the answers back on! So, stay tuned!

Please also note that questions should have a focus on

[/li][li]consumer electronics products

And not about their graphic cards, mainboards, laptops, servers en communication products, they fall outside the scope of this interview.

Mind you, this is not an engineer, if you have very technical questions then they will probably not be able to answer them.

Looking forward to receive your questions,


I have a TV@!Anywhere Plus. I bought it to replace my TV!Anywhere Master so that I could use Vista Ultimate. It works fine on Windows XP Pro SP-2, but on Vista Ultimate, the remote can not find the application, so I have to manually open it before using the remote. Also, after installing SP-1, the TV@Anywhere application will not work., I says wrong floating point. The FM radio will work, but no Television. I use two hard drives with different OS. It works fine on the XP OS, but not Vista Ultimate. I am using the Vista drivers and application on Vista. I am using 32 Bit. It is an MSI motherboard KT3 Ultra ARU 6380 E with an AMD Athlon XP 2400+ and 2GB RAM and an ATI Radeon X1600 XGE 256MB video card. Both Hard Drives are Seagate 300GB. XP Master, Vista Slave, dual boot.

Do any of MSI MP3/Media players with (Micro) SD slots support SDHC cards, such as SD cards greater than 2GB?

Some MSI MP3 players say that the FM Radio Tuner capability depends on the country. Which countries get the FM Radio capability?

Hello, I have some questions for MSI, there you go:

#1 Does MSI have any plans to make thin lightweight flash based media players that have a 3.5" or larger display?
#2 Do any of MSI’s MP3 and Media players provide support for Linux or Mac OS?


  • [U]The MSI TV@nywhere Satellite card specifications mention that it supports HDTV receiving. Does this mean that the card supports DVB-S2? If not, does MSI plan introducing a DVB-S2 card?[/U]

  • Does MSI offer any CAM support or add-on for its DVB-T or DVB-S cards, such as to watch Pay-TV services?

  • [U]As MSI already offers several USB DVB-T tuners, is there any plan to introduce USB DVB-S tuners also, such as to watch satellite TV on a laptop?[/U]

  • [U]Does MSI plan offering Linux or Mac OS support for its digital terrestrial or satellite tuner cards? [/U]

Up until I checked the MSI homepage a short while ago, the only thing I thought the company MSI was involved with was making motherboards and graphics cards. After seeing their website, I’m actually quite surprised with the wide range of products they offer, including digital media players, TV tuner cards, digital photo frames and so on, not to mention all the models from each category. However, when I check the Irish online technology stores, they only list products from iRiver, Creative, Apple, etc., but very little if anything from MSI apart from motherboards and graphics cards.

Since this is the first I’ve heard of MSI being involved in consumer electronics, I have the following few questions:

[li]Could you tell something about MSI’s history in consumer electronics?
[/li][li]With the growing market for touch-screen media players such as the Apple iTouch, does MSI plan coming out with touch screen players?
[/li][li]How do your features help the customer with using the MP3 / Media Player, such as folder/title navigation?

The article is posted on ! Thanks for your questions.