CDFreaks Interviews Digital Storage Reps – time for Fujitsu-Siemens

Have you ever wondered what your favorite company is up to? :iagree: Would you like to know more about their decisions, (new) products and background information? Now you can! CD Freaks is organizing a series of interviews with digital storage related persons. The coming time we will ask them what you want to know!

Here some examples of types of questions you could ask:

Current products
New products
Company information
Market details / outlook
Future opportunities
Personal questions for the person

What’s next?
This week we will ask questions to Fujitsu-Siemens!

Please post your questions below in this thread. In two weeks, all questions will be collected. We pick the best ones and report the answers back on! So, stay tuned!

Mind you, this is not an engineer, if you have very technical questions you’re better of posting them in a thread here.

I want to purchase a media center for my home, but not sure which one. Maybe some questions about this:

What specifications are important when looking for a media center?

Does fujitsu have any plans to make a blu-ray media center, which can play blu-ray movies?

just read about the AMILO 3000 series, are new notebooks also getting nice colors ?
How does a spill-proof keyboard works?

where can I find those entertainment pcs? heard they were a pretty good deal but can’t find them anywhere.