I submitted a pic of my whole machine because I cant seperate my parts:

The specs are: 1.2MHZ T-Bird Athlon
p7v 4x Mobo
768 MB of 133mhz Sdram
64 MB Hercules Prophet Geforce 3
2 40 GIG ata 100 Harddrives
21 inch Gateway 2000 monitor
Sound Blaster 5.1 Platinum w/ I drive
Cambridge Surround sound 5.1 Speakers
Altec ADA 305 Surround speakers
Playstation 2 w/ optical Sound and RF video hook up
ATI all in wonder capturing card
Dazzle Fire Wire card
Cell Phone for my lap top internet accesS
12X Creative DVD with Dxr3 card
TDK VeloCD 12x IDE
Zip drive
2 MS sidewinders
Logitech Ifeel mouse
400 Watt Power Supply
6 Bay 4 Fan Case
Super Orb CPU fan with Artic Silver
Cheap HP printer 715 LoL
Belkin 7 Usb Hub
Sony Microphone


wazzah, a completely mess uptown :wink:

but looks nice :wink:

i’d like to up a pic of mine as well, don’t think i can get my 5 pc’s on one foto :frowning:


btw is your ps2 connected to your monitor or to a tv-screen ?


To a monitor with some VGA converter thingy I picked up in a PC show


Cool setup you have there uptown.



Nice sytem, but… …mine is much better :stuck_out_tongue:

Grtz JP.

P.s. everybody vote in the poll in Dutch Café ==> HOT or NOT :slight_smile:


What do you have for specs then?


Yeah guys, show us specs with Pictures



-32 MB AGP Power Color Geforce ll MX TV-OUT Retail
-Maxtor Hard disk 40,9 GigaBytes
-PCI Modem Dynalink
-Logitech I Touch
-MSI K7T Turbo Retail
-Cooler Master DP5-6H51
-Jazz Speakers 700 watt + subwoofer
-19 inch NON-BRANDED LG 990C
-SDRAM 256 MB DIMM 168 pins SPD 133MHZ
-SDRAM 256 MB DIMM 168 pins SPD 133MHZ
-ATX Midi Kast 8850, 300 WATT
-Creative SB Live PCI OEM
-16x Plextor
-HP 959C

Not better I guess but I’m glad to have the computer :slight_smile:

Grtz JP.


Thats a nice machine. Im not competing just curious of what our members have. PIcs are nice too, if you guys have any


check this out


Very nice system indeed:cool:. I like your UT background:)


Nice specs dude :slight_smile:


Originally posted by R0bby
Very nice system indeed:cool:. I like your UT background:)



Hmmz nice systemz Mattel :stuck_out_tongue:
/me is not competitiing too but nice 2 c all those comps :slight_smile:


Damnnn… I was drooling…Impressive setup, it almost threw because I thought there was two tthere…