CDFreaks here is a challenge Pls Help

Hi there some really technical questions. My math is not adding up here i need some help so here is the short of it. . I need a 3Ghz processor:a

Here is the processor link.

Here is my comp and specs.

And this is the nut who said he did it.

Here are two good processor links i found.

It has to be north-wood core:iagree:
And i would like to know can my comp run a 800mhz processor? or at least this one? It says only 400/533Mhz but some have pulled this off… how? And if so where can i find this rare and specific processor. I have had a problem with this computer before it has to be of North-wood Core or it will not work. Please help:bow:

I’m calling bullshit on the poster from the other site.

800MHz FSB wasn’t supported until the 865PE chipset, I doubt that CPU is supported in that particular board. For sake of argument, say that the CPU does work in the board, the only way it would run at 800MHz would be to overclock the front side bus. To go from 533 to 800 in a SFF would be a very ambitious overclock.

Overlooking that minor detail, there is a major problem with heat dissipation. The extreme edition CPU’s of that era ran very hot. Not as hot as the Prescotts, but still too hot for that case to adequately cool.

I owned that exact same SFF and ran a northwood P4 3.2GHz CPU and it idled at 60 degrees celsius. I quickly disassembled everything and traded it in for a shuttle system that was based on the intel 875P chipset.

I suppose you can rig it for additional cooling but I’m not convinced that case can ever adequately cool an Intel EE CPU. I would stick with a northwood core CPU and watch those temperatures.

Wow a person who knows what the hell they are talking about. Well the good and the bad i found one Here
This is the one i believe the flapper head was talking about. It meats almost all of the Specs Northwood Pent4 ect. except for the 800Mhz.
Now the bad news its 100$ with no return policy. Now I do have a good cooling system
The manual that came with the BareBone says as long as its a Pentium4 its good i learned it must be a northwood as well.
My Question to you good sir, should i give this a try? Or just drop 300 on a Dell?
Do you think its worth the risk of being possible? Im gonna kick myself if it is. However i will take your advice very seriously.

If I had spare CPU’s lying around, I would throw them in to see if they were compatible, type of thing. But, buying one that I couldn’t return, that’s a risk I wouldn’t want to take.

I just upgraded my old prescott system to an E4600 Conroe & 4GB of PC-6400 ram, spent $90 shipped. I wouldn’t spend $100 on anything P4, but I understand your situation.

Not exactly 3.0 GHz but it’s close.

That seems like a much better alternative. That’s a local outfit for me, I’ve used them before and have had good experiences.

They have other P4’s available, not sure whether they are prescott’s or northwood’s.

Good one Jethro 35$ is not a bad price for an experience.
I current am running a 2.6 all this is because of those FU*#ing SIMS-3.
The game starts lagging the wife starts nagging. I built this system back n high school when it was top of the line. so i guess its time to get with it. I could only be so lucky to catch it on fire and have it go out it a beautiful flaming glory. If i get the e-bay bid I’m going for it. Any ways thanks for all you help on this Brokenbuga now we just need to fix you. Then you will be just buga :rolleyes: LAME.

OK i went through with it. I cant really say it worked 100%
Temperature is staying around 30C which is fine but my computer for some reason thinks i have 2 processors. In bios its still reading my old processor along w the new one and windows sees 2- 3.20Ghz’s. everything else sees just the one 3.2. However if i hit Ctr+alt+del it shows 2 processors. The good thing i guess i cant max it out.

is This Normal??

Yes, it is a hyper-threading processor

[QUOTE=Who Cares;2289075]
In bios its still reading my old processor along w the new one

is This Normal??[/QUOTE]

I would say no, but if it works eh. Doubtful you will find a bios update but worth a look.

However if i hit Ctr+alt+del it shows 2 processors.

Normal behavior, that processor supports hyper-threading. The precursor to multi-core processors and the ability to support multi-threaded tasks. The O/S sees two logical processors as will any applications that are multi-thread friendly.

{Edit: haha, too much time typing, beat to it…}

Thanks again fellas
saved me money,
got my computer running faster Your Awesome

And Brokenbuga i read that article on Hyper-Threading, it says the Atom does this as well. This is only funny because i have DELL mini and it has the Atom. Had i only looked it says and behaves the exact same as my computer does now. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW. Still in shock this worked. Now i only need to see if there is a bios update available really push it to the limit. call it the screaming machine.
ISSUE RESOLVED . . . for now